gliding disc diy quick cheap easy effective

by Monica

Just started heart booty workout challenge with a small group of motivated ladies and to help remove all obstacles I went live with gliding disc diy tips over on instagram and fb groups so thought I would share pics of that here for anybody who wants to try gliding disc exercises without spending the money on the gear.

So first gliding disc DIY which I shared in my vlogmas 2015 video was super easy. Just put an old sock on your existing gliding disc and you can also use it on hard floors even if you have tile like we do. You may have to be more careful with tile but it still works.

But what if you don't even have gliding discs. Well then a towel or paper plate works just fine. We use paper plates in one of my classes and people actually like those more than the core boards with wheels.

But what if you have carpet. Well as suggested by one of the ladies in my Heart Booty group a heavy plastic bag works really well. I cut one up just to test it out and it felt just like my discs.

But what if what if what if? The point is you can create all the obstacles you want or find solutions to your what ifs and get the workout done. The choice is yours and honestly there are more solutions to your perceived obstacles.

If you want results you'll do whatever it takes to get your workouts done. Got more diy or hacks for gear? Share below and help other women out.

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