Getting all 4 plans in one..

Hi Monica, I'm trying find out the best purchase option for me with the programs you offer on your site.

I like all 4, but I'm not sure how to order so that I can have everything. The closest option I see is to order the LOVE YOUR BOOTY PLAN, which seems like it offers everything with it except the BODYCONFIT plan.

When you have some time, please let me know how I should place my order to make sure I can get all of the programs you offer.

Thank you Monica!

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4 ybff plan options
by: monica

Thanks for posting your question. A while back I asked if people wanted this option but there was no interest. I did keep noticing over time that buyers would get 2-3 plans individually but if they chose certain ones then bodycon was not one they wanted or felt they also needed so I created the big package without bodycon but I do feel the full 4 plan package should exist so I will create it today and post a link to it as soon as it's ready. I am repackaging everything today actually so your post is motivating me to get it done faster haha

ybff full package link
by: monica

Here is a link to the new package that includes all 4 YBFF plans. All 4 workout plus the bonuses that come with those plans are included plus there are several new additional bonuses included as well.

The price is half of what many people who end up buying all plans individually end up paying in the long run. It is definitely the best value and includes endless workout options that you can use for years

Thank you!!!!!
by: Roshelle V

Hey Monica, I really appreciate your response and so quickly : ) Thank you.

I'm really anxious to get started and see what I can accomplish.

I have a lot of health issues and really like your plans that offer so many options to customize workouts for our personal body type.
With so many different workouts, I can't imagine anyone not finding something that can fit any specific needs.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and everything you put into this site!!

Lost download
by: Roshelle V

Hello Monica, I just purchased the 4 plans in one that you created after responding to your post about creating it.
I'm so annoyed with myself, I barely started to download and my page closed.
I don't know how to get anything back. I got through the first link but other than that I have
nothing : /

Please help! Sorry!!

thank you and tips
by: monica

Hi Roshelle thanks for your purchase and for checking your email again to see that the plans were all there. I'm not quite sure how much time it takes the remote server to download everything but sometimes it finishes and it appears nothing has happened but it's all there.

Glad you got it NOW please save everything to your desktop, laptop, or any other devices ipad, iphone, etc. There are many apps you can use to store these files including box, cloud, google drive etc.

Also look at every page in the ebooks and you'll notice some have passwords and/or links to other content on the site with or without password, links to video, links to other ebooks.

These guides really are chock full of exercises, workouts and tips to help you get results. Not one page in these ebooks is fluff like what you get from other people who charge the same or sometimes more.

I'm posting this reply to you even though we already had an email exchange for the benefit of other customers and potential buyers too. YBFF is 4 years of my hard work to help you ladies get your best female figure at a fraction of what other sites and plans charge :) These plans work if you devour the information and use it!!

Thank you to all who support YBFF and all the hard work I put into these plans.

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