How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

Trying to get bigger breasts naturally is not as simple as building a bigger booty and hips.  The reason it's so hard is that breasts are not muscle but there are some simple solutions you can try to enhance your cup size and as you may have guessed from reading other body type tips here on the site they involve working on other areas of the body to create the appearance of bigger breasts.  

6 Ways to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

1.  Exercises to increase breast size - There are no exercises that will actually increase the size of your actual breasts since breasts are primarily milk lobes and milk ducts surrounded by some fat.  So contrary to what you hear all over the place, breasts are not 100% fat and their main function isn't to fill out that bodycon dress or bikini top. 

The main function of your boobies is milk production which in turn "brings all the boys to the yard" say a number of evolutionary biologists who theorize that men are attracted to boobs because they want a mate who can feed their babies.   But that is just one theory, there are actually newer more interesting theories about men's breasts fixation but let's just get back to the exercises to increase breast size. 

Any chest exercises that build up your pectoralis major and pectoralis minor will add a bit of muscle in the chest area and can create the appearance of a bigger chest.  If you need general volume or more lifting and firming then focus more on basic pec major exercises like inverted presses, modified pushups, and stability ball db presses. 

If you need to create more cleavage or you want to push the breast out more then focus on pec minor exercises like decline presses, thera band or db flys, and hover presses.  Get started with the exercises in the video here or in the boost your bust video

2.  Adequate bodyfat percentage - Want to know the fastest way to flatten your chest?  Lose all your bodyfat by doing hardcore fatloss workouts and intense muscle building workouts all the time. 

Want to know an easy way to keep your boobs looking fuller?  Focus on a balanced workout plan and aim for the higher end of athlete range bodyfat percentage.  If you have a naturally lean body type then aiming for the low end of fitness range bodyfat might work for you too.   There is no ideal bodyfat percentage but generally low end fitness or high end athlete work for women who want lean toned curves.

3.  Slim waist lean toned upper body - Another way to get bigger breasts naturally is to lose inches around your waist.  The smaller your waist looks the bigger your boobs look which is the reason corsets were so popular once upon a time and again in recent years.  The best way to slim your waist is with corset core training and clean superfoods meals. 

4.  Posture correction & massage -  Ever heard the saying "boobs out" or "chest up"?  Corrective exercise and movement experts say this a lot and what it means is squeezing your shoulder blades together and down on the back so your boobs and chest stick out and up and look more prominent.  Posture correction really can make you look bigger up top by aligning the shoulder where it should be which naturally pushes your breasts up and out but it's a bit more involved than the simple adjustment described above. 

A simple way to get started with corrective exercise is to add a few chest opener and chest massage exercises (featured in preview video here) into your weekly workout routine.  The added bonus when you do this is less tension in the neck and shoulders plus you'll look taller and leaner all over too.  The full tension tamer video can be found on the stress mangement exercises page.

5.  Foods that increase breast size - Healthy superfoods of all types are truly the best medicine when it comes to health and hormonal balance which are both key to fuller breasts.  If you're on a diet plan that restricts healthy foods like fruit, healthy grains, organic proteins, and healthy fats then you will struggle to build or maintain lean muscle and your breasts will also sag or lose their fullness.  A balanced diet that you can adjust to your metabolism is really the best option for most women. 

Some women do better with more starchy carbs and less protein and others with fewer starchy carbs and slightly more protein but all women need tons of organic vegetables and fruit plus healthy fats for both health and sexy curves so be sure to focus on healthy foods.  Clean superfoods meals are affordable and they're super quick and easy to make plus they satisfy more than all that fake processed "health" food you see everywhere. 

6. Hormone balancing supplements - There are many supplements that contain a combination of herbs that supposedly enlarge your breasts but the truth is there is no research proving that any of it works so skip the bigger boobs pills and instead use supplements that are going to help you maintain hormonal balance.  Keep in mind that any natural supplement that increases your health and boosts workout recovery is going to work better than un-natural supplements that are difficult for your body to metabolize. 

Your body is smarter than you think and responds best to natural healthy foods and lifestyle choices.  Supplement needs do vary greatly from female to female and even from year to year for the same woman but the ones featured in my article best supplements for women are a good starting point for most women who want to boost health and maintain hormonal balance.