get your sexy body holiday tips

by monica

Do you struggle with weight gain or fitness results during the holiday season? One of the best tips that has helped me avoid weight gain during the holidays for the past 10 years is indulging your other senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell. Below are a few fun ways to do this that really help you to focus more on the spirit of the holiday season and less on the eating of holiday treats that are full of empty calories and that often contribute to diet and fitness meltdowns, weight rebounding, stubborn fat, guilt, low motivation and low self esteem.

1. Instead of eating the candy canes and other holiday candy why not look sweet as a candy! You can go all out and wear an elaborate candy cane costume like this one from Yandy Lingerie or buy some candy cane leggings, pajamas or socks or just wear a pair of candy cane earrings. This is a fun way to be festive and still be able to get your sexy body during the holidays.

2. Instead of eating the chocolaty treats and drinking those high calorie chocolaty drinks why not smell it and touch it instead. According to research studies smelling chocolate provides the same satisfaction as eating it so light a chocolate scented candle or better yet indulge two of your senses and get a chocolate body scrub or lotion. You won't be craving all those empty calories after you smell and touch some chocolate. This really does work! Try The Body Shop Shower Scrub and Moisture Set, Chocomania or Philosophy Candy Cane Lane.

3. Instead of mindlessly eating holiday food every day listen to songs about holiday activities. Not only is holiday music relaxing and stress reducing it's a great way to experience something without having to add it to your already super busy schedule. This tip works best if the song lyrics involve non-eating holiday activities. I don't know about you but listening to the super sexy Michael Buble singing about walking, strolling, and conspiring by the fire makes me want to get sexy with some Rockette style high kicks.

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