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by monica

Do you love your booty?  How about your body?  If you're working hard and don't have the body you want it's not you it's your workout!

Do you love your booty? How about your body? If you're working hard and don't have the body you want it's not you it's your workout!

Sorry but your body makeover IS a little more complicated than the hilarious AT&T more is better commercial. So many women these days think that lifting more weight or working out harder and longer is going to get them a more lean toned body with sexy curves but more isn't always better.

Only better smarter training is better and to illustrate this point I'm going to list two of my leg routines below. The first one is the one I used to do when I didn't have the body I wanted. The second one is the one I do now that I'm getting the body I've always wanted.

My old leg routine:
barbell squat 3 sets of 12-15 reps or stiff leg deadlift 3 sets of 8-10 reps
set 1 @65 lb
set 2 @75 lb
set 3 @90 lb for squat @85 lb for deadlift
My friend James a competitive bodybuilder or my friend Zak a competitive power lifter would usually spot me even though I didn't need spotting or motivating

superset 1: 4 sets of 8-12 reps
leg press 90 lb 180 lb 270 lb 280 lb
bulgarian lunges 15 lb 20 lb 25 lb 20 lb dumbbells
leg extension machine 90 lb 110 lb 120 lb 120 lb
It's kind of cool pushing this much weight and dudes in the gym were always impressed by this

superset 2: 3 sets of 8-10 reps
seated or prone leg curl machine 90 lb 100 lb 110 lb
calf raise machine 170 lb 180 lb 190 lb
walking lunges 10 lb 15 lb 25 lb
The result of all this was thick bulky thighs and no endurance on the hiking trails plus I was losing my flexibility and aggravating an old back injury (had no idea I was hurting instead of improving my body).

Because I wasn't getting the body I wanted I was also always on some no or low carb torture diet that made me miserable (paleo, south beach, atkins, zone, I tried them ALL) and did not have the body or the confidence to wear liquid leggings, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses or a bikini like I do now.

my leg routine now varies each month but this month is:
3 rounds of lose thigh fat circuit followed by
3 rounds of burlesque booty circuit followed by
3 rounds of your best butt circuit followed by
20-30 min. of flow yoga
*All these workouts are from my butt makeover workout plan Love Your Booty

The result is the butt I've always wanted, lean toned legs that look longer than they really are, flatter abs, a smaller waist, a healthy core, no back pain or hip pain, PLUS energy, endurance and flexibility to work on my other fitness goals like hiking, aerial dance, or burlesque dance. I also don't have to diet and can eat plenty of healthy carbs too.

So is more weight and more hardcore exercise the answer to your best body ever? Not really but smarter training will ALWAYS get you what you want whether it's a sexier better looking body or a leaner fitter body or just a healthier happier body or ALL of those goals!

You CAN have the body you want if you let go of what isn't working and start training smarter.

By the way, our current fitness goal that we started working on this month is to walk 10 miles a week and hike 5-6 miles a week (in addition to the daily workouts we do). We are training for our big hiking trip in May when we usually hike 30-40 miles in under 5 days. We might actually hike closer to 50 miles this year!

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