get sexy workout motivation and fitness journal tip

by monica

What do you do when you're too tired for your get sexy workout routine? Use my 5 min. motivation trick also referred to in consumer psychology as foot in the door technique.

Just do something for 5-8 min. and if you feel like stopping after that then stop. If not then add another 5-15 min. of exercise then if you feel like stopping at that point stop. If not then add another 5-15 min. and so on. Here is what that looked like for me yesterday.

Started with this 8 min. warmup routine and wasn't sure I was even going to get through this but I started feeling more energized after about 2 min.

Continued with the booty workout which normally takes me 15 min. but took me 25 min. yesterday! Was moving so slow and thinking that would be it but got my second wind on the last circuit.

Continued with the thigh slimming circuit and was able to complete it in under 15 min. and felt so good after this that I wanted to keep going.

So I also did this Dancing with The Stars Workout and then finished up with another 10 min. of stretches for my hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings. I've done this dancing with the stars routine twice now and so excited that I have the whole thing memorized and the foot work down so just need to dance it with more fluidity now : )

Justin got home shortly after I finished working out and asked me if I would go for a walk with him so we walked around the park for 25 min. where I stopped at some of the workout stations to practice some trapeze arm hangs. None of this would have happened if I had not used my 5 min. motivation trick.

Fitness motivation tip: NEVER underestimate the power of the 5 min. trick or a good warmup! Just get started and see where it goes. You will most likely end up exercising longer than you thought you could.

Workout journal tip: Tracking workouts holds you accountable in many ways but especially because nobody wants to see a blank page in their fitness journal the next day. The one I give to all my clients when they first start training with me is the Get Fit Fast Workout Journal

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