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by monica

The #1 question at YBFF is how to get an hourglass figure body shape which is similar to the #2 question on waist slimming waist reducing or sexy curvy waist exercises. This is GREAT because that is what I love talking about writing about and filming videos about!

So here are some quick helpful tips plus a helpful hourglass figure body shape workout video to help you with your hourglass body goals:

1. Stay Consistent with Your Fitness Plan Routine. When it comes to getting a more hourglass shape body consistency is more important than intensity so exercising daily is more important than just going hard. This is great because on days when you are super busy you can go harder for shorter time and on days when you have more time you can train longer at a more moderate pace and this variety in intensity and length prevents plateaus, keeps your workouts from becoming overwhelming or boring and most importantly gets you the body shape you desire. *If you were training to get super ripped you would just aim for quick and intense most days but since that isn't your goal you can enjoy more variety in your training!

2. Stay Consistent with 80/20 Eating. The beauty of the 80% rule from every YBFF plan is that it gives you some freedom to indulge in moderation on a daily/weekly basis. So no matter what comes up during the week or on weekends you can plan your 20% cheat around special events or dinners or outings with friends and family and you NEVER have to feel deprived. In fact that 20% cheating is what will help you maintain an athlete or fitness level bodyfat so that you can maintain sexy female curves. If you wanted to get ripped and lose all your curves then 80/20 would not work but since that IS NOT your goal you can enjoy 80/20 eating daily and get your sexy body too!

3. Stay Consistent with What Works Best for Your Unique Body Shape. The more you stick with exercises and circuits that balance your unique body shape the easier it will be to get a more hourglass figure body. This is even more important when you're short on time and you have to shorten your workout. Stick with a handful of the most important exercises from the circuits you have to do and edit out all the stuff that is less important. This way you don't miss out on what your body needs most each day for lean toned sexy curves. If you were trying to get ripped this would not work but again since that IS NOT your goal you can skip what isn't essential to your shape and this may even help you get a more hourglass figure!

The video here is an example of all 3 tips. I filmed this first thing on a super busy Saturday and worked out for 10 min. focusing on a handful of the most important exercises for my body type from two longer circuits that I did not have time for which kept me consistent and focused on what works best for my body type.

Also since I had all my veggies that day I was able to indulge in a few treats while I was out with my family without feeling guilty or sacrificing my body shaping results.

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