get hourglass body type with exercise

.8 or .7 waist to hip ratio does not guarantee an hourglass figure

.8 or .7 waist to hip ratio does not guarantee an hourglass figure

Hello, I'm not sure what exercises I would need to do to get a waist to hip ratio of 0.8 for my body type. I currently measure in at bust 33 inch waist 26 inch and hips 36 inch. I would really appreciate some kind of insight on what type of exercises I should be doing. Thank you.

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Feb 27, 2013
.8 or .7 waist to hip ratio and hourglass body
by: Monica

This is a tricky question especially not knowing any of your other measurements (height, weight, bodyfat, etc.) or your health/fitness history or your age but I'm going to attempt to answer this as best I can.

If we used the .8 waist to hip ratio that you mentioned (a ratio that is considered ideal in cultures that prefer more athletic women) then you would need to maintain your hips where they are and gain 2 inches on your waist.

If what you want is to thicken your waist then be sure to perform a lot of weighted ab exercises and lots of side bending exercises to build out that area. It's not very hard to get a bigger waist. Eating starchy carbs 3 time a day helps too.

If you were actually referring to the .7 waist to hip ratio that New Zealand anthropologist Barnaby Dixson found that men from various countries find most desirable then you pretty much have what is considered the perfect WHR (36" hips x .70 = 25.2" waist). But having the "ideal" WHR does not guarantee an hourglass figure.

The thing about numbers is that they don't really matter as much as women think when it comes to sculpting the body shape they want.

Age, height, weight, bone structure, how much bodyfat in relation to lean muscle you have, hormone profile, years exercising, nutrient dense calories intake, are just a few factors that shape your body.

It's strange that you asked this question because my measurements are very similar to yours and according to the .7 formula I have an ideal WHR but as you can clearly see in pics on my about page and on Love Your Booty Plan (last pic on page), I DO NOT have an hourglass body but I am lean toned and have a curvier booty than what you would expect from a rectangle body type and I'm happy with that.

Getting the body shape YOU want is all about adding volume where YOU want it and losing the fat where you don't want it.

If the hourglass body shape is your goal then don't worry so much about the numbers and focus on exercising right for the body type you have to sculpt it into the body shape you want : )

The exercises that help most are ones that burn excess body fat AND that add or maintain lean muscle in areas that need more volume (i.e. butt, hips, chest).

Get started with my best waist exercise article. Has links to all the best exercise and eating tips for an hourglass body.

If you need to build up your booty or upper body to create more curves check out these articles: butt toning exercises and arm toning exercises

And visit us again soon for new hourglass workout plan coming soon!

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