get a lean toned body with sexy curves faster with active recovery

by monica

restorative exercise = lean toned sexy body faster

restorative exercise = lean toned sexy body faster

restorative exercise = lean toned sexy body faster relaxing day hike plus motorcycle ride great for tension relief and vitamin D mobility exercises with therabands or other props pool yoga or pool stretching

It's what you do after your workouts or all those hours that you're not exercising that takes your body to the next level of lean toned and sexy which makes total sense considering how much time you spend recovering from exercise (161 hours if you train 1 hour daily) vs. how much time you spend exercising each week (7 hours if you train 1 hour a day).

Unfortunately most people exercise 30-60 min. 3-5 times a week at a crazy pace then sabotage their body makeover results by sitting around too much the rest of the time or by not releasing tension from tight muscles or worst by not getting enough of the right nutrients, water, sleep, fresh air, sunlight and stress relief.

If you want better body makeover results from all your workouts be sure to enjoy some active recovery post workout or on your days off from regular training. The top three I recommend to all my clients are walking, flow yoga or mobility exercises with props (foam roller, yoga block, thera bands, stretching strap, suspension trainer, etc.). You can also swim, dance, play a sport, garden or any other physical activity that you enjoy that helps you relax and release tension from the body.

Below are some activities that I enjoy post workout or on days when I'm not training as hard. Remember that it's not just about the workout no matter how hard you train. In fact the harder you train the more restorative exercise you may need to help your body recover and get sexy faster. Never rely on just your workout to get you the best body you can have. Always look at the bigger picture and focus on optimizing your health fitness and wellness at all hours of the day.

stay active on your days off with suspension trainer mobility

release tension and correct posture imbalances with thera band stretches or mobility exercises

relax your body after harder circuits with sexy dancing

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