fun playground workout and holiday motivation tips

by monica

fun playground workout based on primal pattern movement

fun playground workout based on primal pattern movement

Hectic busy holidays and cold weather killing your exercise motivation and messing with your workout consistency? This playground workout is quick intense and super fun and great for boosting feel good endorphins that keep you consistent with fat burning during the fattening holiday season.

If you follow me on fb or instagram then you already know that I've been crazy busy with family birthdays AND less than thrilled with the cold rainy dreary weather we've been having lately. Three days straight of grey skies is enough to make anybody want to skip exercise and just sit by a fire watching funny movies drinking wine, eating holiday snacks and leftover birthday cake.

The problem with this is that it can quickly snowball into weeks of inactivity and weight gain which only makes you feel worst when the new year rolls around. The good news is that one quick change to your workout routine can make all the difference with motivation and consistency.

For me that change meant heading outdoors to a fun playground park for a quick intense circuit to mix things up and get my motivation back on track because even though I've been exercising and filming daily for this year's vlogmas I could feel my desire to keep doing it getting low.

Great news is that yesterdays playground circuit really helped boost my workout motivation plus the exercises burned fat and calories in a fun interesting way. Playground workout instructions: 12-16 reverse lunge resistance band rows + 12 lizard presses on each side + quick sprint (or run in place) + uphill walking lunges with hydroball chop then repeat as many times as you like.

Of course this is just one way to get your workout motivation back if you're struggling to stick with your fitness routine during the crazy busy holiday season. If you need more tips be sure to check out my other holiday fitness articles for dozens of quick and simple tips to prevent holiday weight gain and stay hot for the holidays and be sure to check the blog daily for more full length vlogmas 2014 circuits. If you need the password to access any of the private ones be sure to subscribe to ybff news (enter your name at the top right of any page on the site).

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