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According to "Costas Karageorghis, an associate professor of sport psychology at Brunel University in England, who has studied the effects of music on physical performance for 20 years, there is a science to choosing an effective exercise soundtrack" reports the N.Y. Times.

But most of Karageorghis research as well as research by other music experts have focused on aerobic workouts which is not the type of routine women who come to this site are doing to sculpt a lean toned body with sexy female curves.  

So what is the best music for dynamic workouts that are going to help you get your best female figure in record time?  According to the guy who wrote the famous Rocky Theme Gonna Fly Now "music is anti-intellectual" so the best workout music is whatever gets YOU moving and working hard.

Below are the best workout music playlist I've created over the years for ALL the types of workouts I do and film.  Some include exactly the type of music that Karageorghis and other researchers consider ideal for workouts and a few others include some really "off the beaten tracks" that I've featured in my workout videos and that visitors often asked me about.  With each playlist description you'll also find links to where you can listen to the best free workout music.

best free workout music for high intensity Metabolic conditioing

When I need to crank out a high energy fast paced high intensity metabolic conditioning circuit the only music that gets me going is dance music.  I prefer repetitive tunes with repetitive lyrics that way I focus on my workout and not on singing along.  The playlist below includes tons of music that I listen to on Energy98 online which can be accessed on a computer or with an app like WunderRadio.

best free workout music for more focused workouts

When I'm doing slower paced dynamic exercise circuits that involve a lot of muscle groups and require tons of focus I like to listen to trip hop or slower paced electronic artists.  I find that slower music improves my exercise technique and gets me through circuits faster than louder faster music. 

The two playlists here are great for more focused workouts that include tons of music I listen to on Chilltrax which can be accessed on a computer with WunderRadio or with itunes (internet tab under ambient stations).

best workout music playlist for sexy workouts

As you know from my youtube videos, it's only a great workout week if there's some type of sexy workout or burlesque dance workout routine in the mix... And for sexy workouts you need sexy music!  The playlist below includes songs that help me flow from one sexy move to another easily and playfully.  I've found most of the music on this playlist by watching burlesque performers or modern dance performers.  

So what type of music gets you moving?  Feel free to share your playlist with me on facebook where I post videos of music I love all the time.