Best Flat Abs Exercises for Healthy & Sexy Abs

The best flat abs exercises can help you get flat toned abs and a smaller waist faster plus improve posture, boost energy levels, reduce cravings, prevent back injuries, boost workout and sports performance and so much more. Here's some simple tips to help you get started with something that is going to work for your body.

Your Core Muscles & Corset Muscle Exercises

The core includes the ab muscles that everybody always targets: Rectus Abdominis (the 6 pack muscles) plus External and Internal Obliques.  It also includes the Transversus Abdominis (your body's natural corset muscle) but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your core.

Your core also houses your Serratus Anterior, Psoas, plus all your back muscles including your Trapezius, Serratus Posterior, Lattissimus Dorsi, Erector Spinae PLUS two very tiny but important muscles the Quadratus Lumborum (QL for short) and Multifidus.

You don't need to understand how all these complex muscles work together to appreciate that your body requires a more dynamic ab workout routine to build strong, healthy and sexy abs. To get started with something that is going to work fast simply choose exercises and workout that are right for your current level of core function.

Best Flat Abs Exercise for Women with a Healthy Core

Want to know THE #1 question that women ask in the gym and at my fitness sites that get thousands of visitors every day? "What are the best abs exercises to burn ab fat, get flat toned abs, and get a slim waist?

This is THE most common question and it's also the most complicated to answer because generally if a person is healthy and fit all they need to do is eat clean healthy fatloss meals and focus on super dynamic ab and core exercises like the one in the corset training workout video here.

Getting flat sexy abs and a strong healthy core is actually fairly simple IF you're not struggling with serious core issues.  These ab exercises are great for women w/ a healthy core but not good if you have core dysfunction! 

Flat Abs Exercises for Women with Core Dysfunction

But what If you are dealing with postural imbalances, back pain, stubborn fat due to hormonal imbalances or just a very weak dysfunctional core ?  Restorative core workouts like the one in Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan is a much better starting point for people who are really struggling with "poochy" abs that are often the result of an injury, surgery, pregnancy, or faulty movement patterns.

What Causes Core Dysfunction & Why You Must Fix It Before doing Advanced Ab exercises

There are actually many forms of core dysfunction that I've learned about in the past 14 years.  The most common these days is a TVA that isn't firing properly which is like wearing a corset with busted laces. Your abs just protrude and this is often accompanied by back pain, low energy levels, sugar cravings and hormonal imbalances too.

Another common core dysfunction is a broken flexor chain from rectus abdominis over-training and psoas and/or weak cervical flexors. This happens when people constantly do crunch type ab work while supporting or pulling their head forward which leads to severe postural imbalances that allow your abs to just spill forward and the harder you train your abs the worst it gets.

It can also be a result of forward head and shoulder posture from a sedentary job that is often accompanied by neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, respiratory stress, anxiety, insomnia, and poor endurance levels plus stubborn fat (muffin top, back fat, etc.).

If you suspect that your core is not fully functional you must dedicate at least 4-8 weeks to functional core exercises otherwise you will struggle for life to flatten your abs and to slim your waist plus risk a serious back injury.

As my Scientific Core Conditioning teacher Paul Chek explains in his course (pic above), "training dysfunction = more dysfunction" so do what is right for your body right now then progress as you get stronger and healthier.