Fitness Motivation Ideas: How to Create Your Own Fitness Incentive Program

Creating your own fitness incentive program is a great way to boost fitness motivation so you can stick with your fitness plan and get your best body ever with fewer setbacks. The trick to fitness incentives that work long term is choosing ones that match your underlying motivations for getting fit.

The Trick to Fitness Incentives That Work

One of the most important things I learned my first year as a personal trainer was how to uncover people's underlying motives for getting fit.

See every single client you meet will say they just want to get healthy, lose fat and look better but why that matters varies from person to person and is the key to helping people stick with their healthy eating and workouts so they can get the results they want.

So how do you uncover YOUR underlying fitness motivation?

Do as Dax Moy explains in the video here and ask yourself why, then keep asking why until you get to the real reason why losing fat and getting fit matters to you. Once you have those underlying fitness motives pick an incentive or two from the list below to boost your fitness motivation further.

Fitness Incentives to Match Your Underlying Fitness Motivations

Adventure Getaway - This fitness incentive is for women who stick with exercise because they want to live life to the fullest and have the stamina to experience all that they can. If you're a YOLO type then rewarding yourself with an exciting getaway will be great fun and keep you on track with workouts for life.

Body Makeover Grand Prize - This can be anything you've been wanting that you normally wouldn't buy yourself and is a great incentive for competitive types who like to win. If you stick with fitness because you find your strength gains rewarding or endurance improvements exciting then earning a prize for your hard work will feel great and reinforce your winning fitness approach.

Day Spa Package - This relaxing incentive is for women who stick with fitness because it makes them feel good physically, emotionally and mentally. If exercise is your idea of feel good therapy then a day at the spa will reward your hard work and renew your motivation.

Pair of Skinny Jeans - This is an excellent incentive for women who exercise consistently to look and feel younger. If looking and feeling youthful is very important to you then getting skinny jeans or skinny pants will feel incredibly rewarding and motivate you to find new fitness routines to stay youthful.

The Sexy Dress - This is a great incentive for women who's underlying motivations are positive body image and improved self esteem. If you stick with your workouts to boost body confidence or to overcome your body hang ups then getting a sexy dress or some sexy lingerie once you reach your goals will feel amazing and help you set new and better goals.

Creative Visualization Vision Board

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