Fitness Gifts that encourage Your BFF to stay consistent with her best body workout plan...

If your BFF is just like you and stays consistent with her sexy body workout plan then these 9 super affordable gifts say I support and encourage your healthy lifestyle.  This may sound like a silly message to those who don't enjoy fitness and healthy eating but is greatly appreciated by women who do because much of the feedback that so many women get from family, friends, and coworkers about their healthy choices is often negative.  

I've been training female clients for 14 years now and 90% of them struggle to stay consistent with their healthy habits because of unsupportive family, friends, and coworkers.  So if you have a female in your life who trains right and eats right to get or maintain her best female figure giving a thoughtful fitness gifts says I think what you do is awesome and we all need to hear that from time to time. 

9 Fitness Gifts That Say You're Awesome for Sticking with Healthy Habits

  • Motivational jewelry -  A nice motivational bracelet, ring, or necklace is inexpensive, trendy and shows that you really care about your best friends healthy lifestyle goals.   
  • energy balance happiness candle set - this aromatherapy candle set that boost energy, balance and happiness is relaxing.  My sister in law gave me an aromatherapy kit many years ago and it was one of the best gifts I ever received.  Makes your house smell amazing and the scents really boost your feel good endorphins for workouts or just when you're running low on energy.

  • pink suspension trainer - These affordable exercise straps may be girly looking but they'll take any total body fatloss workout or core booty workout to the next level.  They come in many other colors if pink isn't for you including camo.   I gifted these to my sister for her birthday and she loved them.  My WOSS straps review is here
  • zip trainer ball - This new piece of fitness gear by The Firm is a 3 lb medicine ball that zips into a 5 lb soft medicine ball and provides a killer total body workout that's also super fun.  These fitness balls also come with a dvd set, fitness guide and healthy eating guide.
  • Franklin method massage balls - Not only are massage balls cheaper than foam rollers they also don't take up much space and can be tucked into a travel bag with gliding discs and resistance bands so your bff can stay fit and tension free when traveling.

  • Yandy sexy lingerie - Why not you give your bff sexy lingerie.  She works hard on her body and deserves a nice calorie free treat.  Lingerie from your bff says "we're sexy and we know it" ha ha.  
  • Sexy or cute skirt - A sexy or cute skirt that any fit female would look great in is a thoughtful and fun gift.  I've seen various ranging from $20 to $50 at various online shops.  Just make sure you have the right size to avoid return hassles.
  • Printed leggings - Are a fun workout option for women who don't like basic black.  They come in so many colors and patterns and are great for yoga, pilates, or corset core and booty workouts. 
  • warm fitness tops - A super soft cuddle duds top or underarmour cold gear top is comfortable and warm without the bulk so can be worn during a warm up over a fitted tank  or sports bra for an entire workout.  I got mine in black to match all my crazy leggings but so many prints to choose from including camo, plaid, or stripes.
  • champion workout tights - are affordable, practical leggings that are comfortable and move with you so no matter how dynamic your workout gets you won't be adjusting your workout pants throughout the workout.  They also make your butt and legs look great!