Your best body success depends on how you handle fitness failure long term...

The empowerment and body transformation you get from fitness comes not from perfection but from uncovering your weaknesses every time you experience fitness failure.   Sounds crazy to think that considering that all you see on most social media are images of fitness perfection, right?  I know that's all I see when I login into facebook and instagram.  

It's a rare thing to see a fitness professional struggling to do an exercise or failing at a yoga pose or some other complex movement.  It seems only a handful of us fitness pros actually have the courage to post fitness failure like this lovely 8 angle fail here.  How cool would it have been if I fell in the pool too hahaha!

Your fitness failure will outnumber your fitness success until you learn to overcome it then you will win at fitness forever! 

The truth is that even the most advanced fitness people struggle through their workouts each week to varying degrees and it's this struggle and often times our failure to do an exercise perfectly or at the intensity or for the duration planned that teaches us how to overcome our weaknesses and get to next level of fitness.  

Think about the last time you failed to do your workouts with perfect form the entire time vs.  did the entire workout perfectly as outlined in your workout plan printout?  Those fitness fails probably outnumber the perfect times by a lot which can cause you to focus on the negative outcomes of training and maybe even feel down about it.  I spent 2 years of my life struggling with this after I had my son so I do know plenty about this...

The great news is that the negative outcomes can be the most rewarding because if you pay attention, you learn how to tweak the fitness variables that matter to make really amazing progress the next time.  When you are willing to see your fitness failure as an opportunity for growth is when the magic begins to happen.  It's when you begin to do the best you possible can all the time to get your best body ever.  Focusing on the positive side of failure is what finally helped me lose the baby fat forever after nearly 2 years of struggling to lose it.

When you stop judging your fitness failure and comparing yourself to fitter people you begin to focus on what matters...

So instead of judging yourself for not looking like all those perfect people on social media focus on how you can use your workout failures to win at your body transformation faster and to maintain those results for life plus continue making progress for the rest of your life too.  As you probably know from following this site/blog, true fitness is not some 12 week plan.  

Fitness is a lifelong process that will challenge you forever if you're up to that challenge and you should be, because who wants to fail then quit then start over again and again and again?   That's much harder than just laughing off your fails and then learning from them!

Check me out in the video having a blast failing to hold bird of paradise for very long.  I learned a lot about my body while failing at this pose for quite some time.

Fitness will offer you plenty of fail moments even when you are super fit  but with the right attitude those fails will begin to feel like big wins.  Just like my first attempt to do Peacock here.  It's one of the most advanced arm balances around that I never even imagined I would try so failing at says a lot about how far I've come and it also shows me how much is still possible for my body!