fit female body exercises & workout tips

Just because you do do challenging exercises and workouts on a regular basis doesn't mean you are fit or look fit.  This is something that many visitors have written to me about in the past and also something I've noticed a lot in recent classes I've been teaching and taking.  

Below you'll find out what it really means to be fit plus 3 fun and freaky exercises that can help you get fitter leaner and sexier.  The moves you need to finally get your best feminine figure are kind of like the pic of me in crazy boots and a rhinestone mask, not what you would expect...

What does it really mean to have a fit female body?

Some people consider ripped abs, figure competitions, triathlons or crossfit the holy grail of female fitness but the reality is that you can do all those things and still not have a fit female body or a sexy female body.

You can train as hard as you want for as long as you want but if your workout routine doesn't allow you to perform the activities that you prefer effortlessly and without injury or worst if your body doesn't satisfy YOUR standard of fit and sexy plus doesn't respond to even the most extreme fitness regimens then your workout routine just doesn't work!  

The main reasons for this are fairly common and include:  complicated postural issues compounded by terrible exercise technique and wrong workout style.  Sounds like a lot to fix but fortunately you can start with small improvements like the ones you get by doing the 3 moves below.  Once you begin to correct the little things you can move on to other variables like type of routine, intensity wave loading and other things I cover in all 4 ybff fitness plans.

3 fun freaky moves for a fit female body

The three fit female body moves in the video here are simple but may not be easy if you have serious posture and/or exercise technique issues and lets face it most of us do so with that in mind be sure to only do what your body can handle.  Work within your ability then increase as you get fitter.

kneeling plank scapular retraction - I was tempted to write a long rant just about this issue but suffice it to say the pic here speak volumes about what happens to your body when you don't engage your upper back and deep abs while you're in a plank position (zero results is what happens) plus you probably have shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, pooched out abs that don't respond to core workouts and flat lazy butt syndrome.  The best way to fix this is with kneeling plank scapular retractions or frog stretch scapular retractions and presses like the ones in video.  Just 1-2 sets of 10-12 before you train upper body or core is all you need.

alternating deep lunge to single leg deadlift  - Got thigh fat or  jiggly thighs, saggy butt, back fat, bulky core and terrible balance and coordination that constantly mess with your killer butt exercises?  deep lunge to single leg deadlift fixes that and lengthens the entire front of the body too so your abs and waist get pulled in tighter naturally.  100% of women I teach this to HATE this exercise because they stink at lunging deep with back leg fairly straight then diving into the single leg deadlift.  So in addition to working your body you'll be exercising some patience with this move which is always a great quality to work on too.  Just 1-2 sets of 6-8 on each side before lower body workouts is all you need and you can use a ball or weight like I did in video if you like. 

butt walking to elevated tabletop to shinbox - Have tons of issues with glute and low back pain or maybe your lower body muscular endurance and glute activation just isn't very good even though you train regularly?  This freaky looking exercise is super effective for activating your booty and trains your butt and core to work together when you're doing complex lower body moves.  It also slims your waist and flattens your abs plus improves upper back and head alignment.  Just 6-8 reps of this is all you need and you can do it with feet on chair on ball or on wall.

more about these fit female body moves

One comment I get a lot from visitors or clients is how do you make up these exercsies?  Well the truth is I don't.  I learn them from highly educated fitness experts like level 4 CHEK practitioners or The Franklin Method or yoga experts that are really into anatomy.  I only adapt some of these moves to make them more fun and more interesting.  Check out ybff fb for pics I recently posted about these moves that inspired this video.   They may not be common in common fitness routines you see all over the place but they are quite common with highly educated fitness professionals I run across online.