5 first world workout problems & solutions to help you with your exercise addiction :) 

Got a workout habit of epic proportions?  Then you probably got these 5 hilarious first world workout problems too!  But don't worry for every one of these annoying workout issues there is a simple solution so you don't have to give up your workout addiction anytime soon ha ha...

first world workout problems: #1  hair washing dilemas

If you are like me and every other fitness junkie then you know exactly what it's like to struggle with dirty hair from multiple workouts a day.  Perfect example of this is my Tuesday: I get up at 4:40 am to go teach Pilates at 5:30 in the morning and there is no way I'm washing my hair at that ungodly hour of the morning then when I get back I have a million things to do that also involve being active such as filming exercises, doing another workout that I have scheduled for the week and/or burlesque rehearsal so washing hair after Pilates is also pointless then late at night also a pain since I can't stand drying it with a dryer before bed. 

Best solution for avoiding excessive hair washing that drys out your hair and takes up so much of your time is to use dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo is the best!  It allows you to shower 2-3 times per day quickly without having to deal with hair excessive washing/drying and it really does work to de-grease and refresh your hair.  I love the Batiste brand but there are many others you can try.

first world workout problems: #2 UGH!! rest day, I can't even..

Every workout junkie and exercise addict out there can totally relate to this first world workout problem because for us a rest day feels like the same sensory deprivation torture that exercise haters feel when they HAVE to force themselves to workout (what the heck is that about anyway!!!).  But as you know from top sports conditioning experts across the world rest days is what makes your workouts and body improve so you need them. 

Fortunately you can take them while still being active.  The trick is finding activities that are easy that you enjoy.  For me that's a no brainer:  BURLESQUE DANCE.  I also go on easy walks or hula hoop with my dog or go swimming with my son.  Be open minded about this and you'll find a way to enjoy an easy active recovery day.

first world workout problems: #3 losing your boobs  

NOOOOOO!  This is the absolute worst result you can get when training right?  Well it isn't because you could also be bulking your thighs and torso and gaining weight which are things that happen to a lot of women I've consulted with over the years.  Basically if this is ALL that's happening consider yourself slightly more fortunate than other women but what CAN you do to prevent boob shrinkage? 

1.  Get real about your body type.  Did you have humongous boobs before you gained weight?  No?  Then guess, what you are not going to magically lose a lot of fat without losing some boob fat too.  Trust me I've been a C cup and now back to barely B so I know this reality all too well.  You can't be super lean while still maintaining lots of boobage as you can see in pic here so you just need to get over it.

2.  Decide how small you ARE willing your boobs to get and accept what that means for your abs, arms, back, and waist.  In other words you do have control over how much fat remains on your boobs but you have to accept that you will not have ripped abs, skeletal muscular arms, absolutely zero back fat and a teeny tiny waist.  You can only have those things IF you are also willing to completely lose your boobs and get fake ones SO decide where YOU draw the line on boob shrinkage then stick with workouts that keep you at that level of bodyfat.

first world workout problems:  #4 farting during workouts

Before you even dare think or say "how gross" or "never me" please consider that the number of people that searched the term "workout farts" was 1,530,000; go ahead google it, I'll wait here while you laugh at some of the results I found yesterday.   The number of searches on related phrases were also really high which means this is reality whether you're a lady or a dude.  It happens for a variety of reasons and it's embarrassing especially if it happens when you're doing core work with your trainer; seriously I've had 

quite a few clients lose control in the past 15 years and it's just as embarrassing for me as it is for them.  So how do you avoid this or minimize this?  Eat according to your metabolic type say top health and holistic fitness trainers.  The video here explains why.  It also helps if you eat fewer and smaller meals throughout the day.  More benefits of 3 meals vs. 6 meals here. 

first world workout problems:  #5 so sore you're crying

If you love fitness then it's likely you also have a love hate relationship with post exercise muscle soreness better known as delayed onset muscles soreness.  You love that you kicked your own ass but you're also hating that you are crying because or your self-inflicted training torture. 

If it's legs you'll be feeling it every time you sit walk or go to the bathroom.  If it's core you'll feel it when you get dressed, turn around to talk to somebody or laugh.  If it's arms you'll feel it when you try to put a bra on, brush your teeth or pick up your handbag or dog.  Best thing for this is a quick mobility routine like the one pictured here.  Blood flow and oxygen to the area speed up recovery and reduce the pain.  You can also try these simple sore muscle relief strategies.