Best How to Workout Tips for Your Desired Female Body Shape

How much time should you be investing in your workouts, what type of workouts should you be doing, when and for how long? Here are 3 practical and simple how to workout tips for your desired female body shape.

Choose the best exercise for your desired female body shape most often

There are hundreds if not thousands of training styles, methods and systems and they can all work for you if they fit your goals. Hula hooping for instance is a great exercise that can help you have more fun with workouts but it won’t help you shed 100 lb. or get ultra toned quickly.

High intensity interval training or kickboxing is a killer fat blasting workout but if you have a hip or knee injury this can cause more damage and lead to permanent injuries that will pack on the pounds. Walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes or taking a water aerobics class for 60 minutes both burn calories and reduce stress but they do little to increase fat burning hormones for 48 hours like circuit training or boot camp workouts.

You can do ANY exercise you like but getting the results you want depends 100% on choosing the best exercise for your most important fitness goal. Focus 80% of your workouts on the type of exercise that will get you the results you want.

This may not be what you love to do but you can always focus on what you love the other 20% of the time. Finding a balance of what works and what is fun is the key to staying consistent and reaching your desired female body shape.

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Find a balance of quick/intense AND longer/moderate workouts

Fitness isn’t black or white, high or low, this or that. It’s a process that should constantly evolve based on your desired female body shape as well as your other fitness goals (health, stress relief, fun, etc.).

Many fitness experts these days recommend either high intensity interval training daily or long duration ultra marathon style training daily but sticking to one type of workout isn't smart. The truth is that all types of workouts can work but it’s in your best interest to find the best mix of workout for your goals, your body and your time limitations.

There is no need to do the same thing daily. Try to be flexible and combine various styles of training into your weekly routine to get your desired female body shape and to boost health and fitness levels too.

Not only will this help you stay consistent it will also keep your body guessing which prevents fitness and fatloss plateaus.  Want to achieve athlete range body fat, boost health and fitness levels, look and feel great, and sculpt a slim toned body shape like my pic here?  Get started with Hourglass Waist & Your Best Female Figure combo plan .

Say no to random workouts and get on a custom workout routine

The most important thing you can do before investing any time into your workouts is to devise a plan that will help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Want to lose a lot of weight or burn extra fat and tone up? Train daily and focus more on intensity vs. time.

Are you looking to relieve stress and get stronger? Try 3-5 moderate intensity workouts a week about 30 to 60 minutes long. Do you just want to be healthy and feel more energy? A combination of 15 to 30 minute daily total body workouts will work just fine.

Want to achieve ultra low bodyfat and look ultra defined? Find a figure competition workout plan like the ones listed in tip#1. The big mistake most women make is they just do random workouts and never really take the time to devise a plan that will get them the results they want.

If you want results you can’t afford to be random. When you customize to your female body shape, your goals, and your lifestyle the results just happen faster and without added stress or body drama.

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