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by Monica

It's been a long time since I wrote a more inspired post about motivation and because spring is almost here, which is when serious body transformation season begins, I figured it was time to get into more meaningful tips about getting your dream body.

As I shared on facebook page the trouble is not that you have no motivation or lack of fitness info or money or time or too much stress or family pressure or a million other excuses masquerading as obstacles that is holding you back.... Do you know the question you need to ask yourself to find out what the trouble is, what is holding you back?

I didn't know what the question was either for a very long time until I watched a video by one of the most cutting edge fitness experts on the planet Paul Chek. In his video Paul asked a very simple question that I felt was kind of silly. He asked "what is your dream" and he didn't mean your dream body or your fitness dreams or anything related to health and fitness. It was simply "what is your ultimate dream in life" the thing you would wish if a genie could grant you any wish.

I thought this was kind of a pointless thing to be focused on but I soon began to understand that getting your dream body is completely tied to making your dreams a reality because you can't do one without the other. Now you may think this is ridiculous too but look at my dream for example.

I've always dreamed of being a performance artist. Since I was in PreK, I was writing that in journals for everybody to read but I was always too afraid to go after that dream for a variety of reasons so my dream kind of died for a while.

Then something happened when I turned 40 and my dream was re-kindled. Maybe you remember that blog post I wrote about it back when I started this site. If not it's here if you're interested to read about it.

I thought why can't I make my dream come true even so at 42 I finally got the courage to make my dream come true and that completely changed how I viewed my body, how I trained, how I ate. I completely transformed my dysfunctional eating and exercise habits into inspired movement and nourishing meals and just 3 years later I began living that dream every single month.

So all those dreams I wrote about in my childhood journal have come true and in return my dream body also came true. And it's all because I decided to no longer be afraid. So if you could get rid of fear what dream would you turn into reality and how would that change your eating your workouts your habits and your life to help you get your dream body?

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