6 Fat Burning Workouts (options) for A Lean Toned sexy body

Need to burn stubborn fat AND lose inches around your waist, sculpt a firm butt and get a lean toned body without spending hours a day exercising? The fat burning workouts below do that and so much more!

The interval workout below is actually just one routine that you can do 6 different ways for 3 weeks and is designed to prevent plateaus and keep things fun and simple.

Fat Burning exercises & workouts

All the fat burning exercise featured in this video or in any of my youtube videos can be combined into endless fat burning workouts that will help you get your sexiest figure.  The trick to getting the best results from fatloss workouts also known as metabolic training is to switch up your interval timing as soon as your body begins to adapt.  

Below are 6 interval workout options that you can use with the exercises in this video.   All these options and other are from bodycon female fitness plan which shows you how to progress your fitness routine on a weekly basis for maximum fat burning and a lean toned body faster.   

interval options for killer Fat Burning Workouts 

30 x 8 x 5 - is also a simple interval protocol with slightly shorter intervals and no 5 second transition interval between exercises. Set your gymboss interval timer to one interval 30 seconds long for 8 rounds. After each circuit rest for 15-30 seconds then repeat up to 5 times. Intervals that are only 30 seconds long do not allow for high reps so are great for people who do not have a ton of muscular endurance yet. You will still get about the same amount of work as the other options because you are repeating the circuit 5 times.

45/5 x 8 x 4 - is a simple interval protocol that allows you to work at a challenging pace without sacrificing form or worrying about counting reps. It also gives you 5 seconds to transition between exercises.  Set your interval  timer to two interval settings 45 and 5 sec. long for 8 rounds. After each round take a 10-20 second break then repeat up to 4 times. 

AMRAP - is as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time and is a great way to burn fat and sculpt a lean toned body. Set your interval timer to stopwatch mode and check it from time to time to see how you're doing. Only do as many rounds as possible with excellent technique. To get the most out of this protocol perform 8-12 reps of each exercise and do as many rounds as possible in 20-25 min.

CWC - is a continuous work circuit and is a very intense form of circuit training that boosts endurance and fatloss in a big way.  The number of continuous work circuits you do should depends on your fitness level and ability but about 30 min. is really the max you need to do of any circuit workout.  To get the most from this interval option you should perform 10-20 reps of each exercise with no rest periods between exercises or circuits. 

RFT - is rounds for time and is a simple way to boost fat burning and toning results. All you need to do is decide the number of rounds you want to complete of a circuit then set a time limit to complete those rounds. Set your interval timer to stopwatch mode and check it from time to time to see how you're doing. Try not to rush at the expense of good exercise technique. The best way to do rft workouts is to stick with 8-10 reps then take very short breaks of 10-15 seconds and aim for 4-5 rounds. The number of rounds really depend on your fitness level and recovery intervals should be as short as possible.

TRC - is a timed reps circuit and a great way to make your workout super challenging in a very simple way. Set your interval timer to one interval 60 seconds long for 6 rounds then perform 10-15 reps of each exercise. Complete the circuit as quickly as you can with good form then use any remaining time to recover. As soon as 6 min. are up start the circuit again. The quicker you do the circuit with excellent technique the longer you have to recover after each round (your exercises will not match the interval beeps). This is one of the most advanced fat burning workouts because it's super intense and requires a lot of focus. Aim for 3-4 circuits. *This is my favorite of these 6 interval fat burning workouts right now.

Fat Burning Workouts Tips

  • Train for your body type on days when you are not doing fat burning workouts. If you're a triangle or hourglass type then get busy with more upper body workouts, some core and just a few lower body workouts to balance your shape.
  • If you're an inverted triangle or rectangle type be sure to do plenty of booty exercises, some core, and a few upper body workouts to keep your curves from disappearing.
  • Don't stress about your body type.  Every body type and somatotype has advantages and disadvantages that can be exploited to get your best female figure.
  • Get clear about the type of body you want to get and focus on a body shape fitness plan that will get you those results.
  • Don't sacrifice good technique for more reps or sets. Training dysfunction will slow down your fatloss and can lead to nasty painful injuries that you will block your best figure results.
  • Stop eating like a bodybuilder and start eating healthy fatloss meals that are right for your body type. The more you fine tune your healthy eating to YOUR metabolic type the faster you will burn the fat and get that lean toned bulk-free curvy female body you want.