The Best Fat Burning Exercises for Women Looking to Sculpt Sexy Curves

You don't need to spend hours doing cardio and hours doing toning workouts to sculpt a sexy figure.  You can actually burn more fat and sculpt sexy female curves with simple time efficient fat burning exercises that also tighten and tone all your trouble zones. Below are just a few of the best fatloss moves you need to burn fat quickly and get your lean toned body with sexy curves faster.

  These exercises are based on the 7 primal movement patterns that all humans need for survival, to be healthy, fit and lean.  They are also in all the fat burning workouts, butt makeover and waist slimming circuits in my all my workout plans.  

Fat Burning Exercises:  1.  Squat Thrust Combos

Squat Thrust Combo  is a killer fat burning cardio exercise that burns tons of fat and improves your endurance.  It also strengthens and tones your entire upper body, core, legs and glutes and the best thing about this exercise is the endless combinations. 

You can add a pushup, a high kick and or lunge, a side plank or a medicine ball chop.  You can also combine it with other movement patterns like getups and alternating rotating lunges.  My favorite versions are the squat thrust twisting lunge or squat thrust sit thru featured below.

Fat Burning Exercises:  2.  Dynamic Planks

Dynamic Planks burn a ton of calories and fat plus challenge your core stability in a way that helps your deep abdominals get stronger. 

They also flatten your abs, cinch your waist and prevent low back and hip injuries too.  Dynamic planks are a must once you master the basic plank hold, which is a complete beginner exercise that trains basic core stability. 

All the variations of this exercise are so fun but some of the best ones are the swinging plank, alternating sit thru to side plank, stability ball knee tuck, alternating side plank knee-in, gliding disc pike to updog featured below and many many others.  The plank is also the foundation of so many advanced yoga poses and arm balances including Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II prep featured below.

Fat Burning Exercises:  3.  High Intensity Lunges

The lunge is one of those exercises that women either love or hate.  I happen to LOVE them but so many of my clients hate them and wonder if they were just some evil exercise invented by sadistic trainers who like to torture their clients.

The fact is the lunging pattern is the same thing you do when you go up or down stairs, kneel at church, get down on the floor to play with kids, or step over your kids toys or your dog that won't get out of your way.  The lunge is also the foundation of many sports specific movements like throwing a ball, sprinting, or kicking a ball.  Most importantly the lunge is key to lean toned legs  and prevents hip fractures as you age because it trains hip stability in a functional way.  Lunges also help you lose stubborn stomach fat

Once you master the basic lunge your lunging options are endless and include lateral lunges, walking lunges, step ups, reverse lunges off a chair, jumping lunges, curtsey lunges with kicks or db swings and of course my personal favorites the dancing lunge and the db sumo squat to db overhead lunge combo featured below.

Fat Burning Exercises:  4.  Presses

Presses or pushing movements are essential for upper body strength as well as core strength.  They are also key for shoulder stability which prevents frozen shoulder syndrome after 50 a condition that affects over 50% of women!!  Presses also lift and firm your chest which helps you get bigger breasts naturally plus prevents sagging breasts that are common among women over 40.

Another great thing about the pressing movement pattern is that it builds resistance to bad habits and also boosts self esteem.  This may have to do with the fact that women are often conditioned not to push back or fight back.  In reality pushing back would be key to your survival if you were ever attacked by any type of predator so be sure not to neglect your pressing if you want to be able to handle the pressure in a stressful situation. 

The pushup is probably the most boring of all the pressing exercises and if you hate it as much as I do then no worries you can just get busy with inverted presses, swinging plank presses, hover presses, stability ball db presses, overhead db presses, or alternating medicine ball presses and mermaid presses like the ones featured below.

Fat Burning Exercises:  5.  Rows

Rowing is the one movement pattern that most women neglect but that can really change the shape of your entire body.  Rowing eliminates back fat, strengthens your back including your low back, improves posture, spinal alignment and targets your deep abdominals too. 

The cool thing about rows is you can do them with all types of equipment and get the same fat burning, strengthening, toning, and correct posture benefits.   Once you master the basic dumbbell row you can progress to suspension trainer rows, lat pulldown squats (also a rowing motion), assisted pullups or plank rows and many other variations. 

My favorite is the capoeria style lunge row that targets your back, glutes, and core a little harder without stressing your shoulders or neck.  Modified muscles ups on the suspension trainer also featured below are pretty amazing too.

Fat Burning Exercises:  6.  Tabletops

Tabletop exercises works your glutes, inner and outer thighs, back, core, and arms. They also improves posture, mobility and flexibility plus burns calories and fat.  But most importantly they strengthen your body's natural corset muscles.  

Like the other exercises featured above the variations are countless but some of the best ones are forward fold to basic table, single leg table, single arm table w/twist, single arm single leg table (also called dancing crab), revolving to single leg down dog or revolving to single leg downdog sit thru. 

My favorites are the revolving glute kickback or the multi-planar version all featured in pic here.

Fat Burning Exercises:  7.  Twists

Twisting movement patterns can really turn up the fat burn on so many other fat burning exercises and if you scroll back up you can see how the twisting pattern is essential for being able to do some of the most advanced fatloss exercises featured above (#1, #3, #4, #6, and many many other exercises). 

Twists are also great for digestion, stress relief, spinal alignment, flexibility, mobility, and they make your workouts a lot more fun.  The most basic twist is the one featured in my core ab workout which trains lower ab and oblique coordination from a very safe position.  Once you master that basic move you can get busy with twisting lunges, twisting squat jumps, medicine ball lateral leaps, all types of revolving tabletops, mermaid presses or the tripod twist to single leg down dog (similar to a tabletop) and the twisting dancer squat featured below.

Quick Fat Burning Exercises Workout Tip:

The best way to burn fat fast is to combine fat burning exercises into circuits that you repeat 3-4 more times for a quick fat burning workout.

The best thing about dynamic fat burning exercises is that you can combine them with quick cardio intervals and stretches for increased fat burning and weight loss.

All the exercises featured on this page are from my workout plans Your Best Female Figure & Corset Core Hourglass Waist.

5 Ways to Boost Intensity of Your Fat Burning Workouts for A Better Body Faster

  1. Add new challenging at home workout equipment to your fatloss workout like a medicine ball, sandbag or sandbell.
  2. Add sprint intervals with a jump rope, gliding discs, or exercise step after each exercise or circuit.
  3. Add a time challenge or time limit to your fat burning workout.
  4. Add tabata intervals (20 sec. work + 10 sec. rest x 8) after your fatloss circuits.
  5. Add a few new fatloss exercises to your workouts every 3-4 weeks.

Remember that taking your fatloss exercises and workouts to the next level as soon as your body adapts to what you've already been doing is a must for getting a lean toned body with sexy curves.