fastest way to lose fat &  how to boost metabolism with exercise

The fastest way to lose a lot of fat is to focus on metabolic workouts 3-4 x per week until you get to your goal weight and bodyfat.  Not only will this boost metabolism permanently which makes it easier to maintain your loss, it also leaves a few days open to recover from high intensity metcon with other types of training that allow you to sculpt your sexy female curves.  This is the best way to lose fat fast and sculpt curves without over training and injury that is so common with daily hiit.

best exercise to burn fat while maintaining your sexy female curves

The best fatloss exercise for any woman who wants to lose weight and bodyfat while maintaining a sexy curvy female figure is the squat thrust reverse lunge kick combo (pic above).  This move target arms shoulders chest core butt legs and improves cardio endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility and power.  This is why it's one of the most important exercises from bodycon female fitness fatloss plan.  Below is a circuit that includes this low impact high intensity move that will make your heart pound and your legs burn.  Ready to work!  

Start with squat thrust reverse lunge high kick combo for 6-8 reps each side then chair press swivel 6-8 reps each side then tabletop to seated wide leg forward fold for 8-12 reps then wall combo 12 reps total.  Do as many rounds as you can for 20 min. and if you feel like dancing it out at the end then feel free to do that.  Narrated version of this circuit plus more tips in video below.  Dance version coming soon.  Be sure to warm up 5 min. before circuit and stretch 5-10 min. post workout.   

metabolic workout inspiration

This circuit was inspired by a dance routine in Make It Happen.  The entire routine and stage reminds me of the stage I performed on for many years back when I danced for a living.   My version of the make it happen dance is a bit different than the one in the make it happen routine but you can see some of the similarities.  If you are trying this dance option be very careful with neck, knees and low back.  

If you're not into dancing then no worries, even though dance burns calories and requires a lot of muscular and cardio endurance it really isn't the fastest way to burn fat.  The reason dancers are so lean is they eat very little and they dance 8-12 hours a day plus do other activities on top of that too.  When I was dancing full time I still had to go to the gym to workout plus do plenty of stretching on my off time as well.  So dance is a great supplement to metabolic workouts but don't feel you need to do it to lose fat and get your best body faster.