Fastest way to lose bodyfat tips, exercises plus quick workout to get started

As you know from previous articles there is no one way to accomplish any fitness goal.  Different things work for different people and the fastest way to lose bodyfat for some may be the slowest for others.  With that being said there is one formula for losing excess bodyfat fast that generally tends to work for all body types most of the time no matter what level or experience they have with fitness.  It's simple effective quick and exactly what bodycon female fitness plan is all about.  You can try it in the quick holiday video below.

fastest way to lose bodyfat is a simple formula as most fitness things are...

The formula is simple, you focus 50%-60% of your workout routine on metabolic training that includes complex total body exercises.  If you multiply 7 days per week x 50% or 60% you get 3-4 days per week.  So why not 80% which is 5 days or 100% which is every day?

 Because your body can't train that hard every day.  When you actually push your body to the max your body should only be able to do that at most 4x per week and for some body types that is too  much so 3x is actually better.  

For those of us already at our goal weight bodyfat and shape, bodycon metcon 

can take a back seat to other body type training but it should still be part of a weekly routine for maintenance and can be as quick and simple as the bodycon style workout in the video here.  All this is explained in detail in bodycon female fitness which has been the fastest way to lose bodyfat for many ybff visitors and for me as well.  

quick holiday workout instructions and tips

There are many ways you can do the workout in the video above.  

  • Exactly the way I was doing it in the video with no breaks between exercises.  
  • Superset the strength moves working on each for 30-60 seconds without rest then do the yoga moves for recovery and repeat as many times as you like.  
  • Set a time limit for your workout then aim for 6 total reps of each move and see how many rounds you can get in the time limit you set.

fastest way to lose bodyfat is very dependent on your recovery activities too...

So now that you know the fastest way to lose fat formula here's something even more important to consider; your recovery activities.  What you do when you are not metabolic training (also called HIIT or interval workout for fatloss) is just as, if not more, important.  

What you do on your off days is going to affect what you CAN do on your bodycon metcon days which is why you need to spend time on smart recovery strategies like moderate intensity cardio, dynamic stretches, dance fitness, core activation, pilates,  glute activation or yoga stretches like the ones in video above or in my yoga poses for weight loss article and video here.

Notice in the quick holiday workout video how the yoga poses emphasize big movement as well as movement that assists your digestion.  This is because metabolism = digestion so the more you can help it along with exercises that creates a metabolic effect the faster you lose unwanted bodyfat.  So it all works together to get you to your goal quickly and without putting stress on the body.

Your recovery days should include exercises and activities that help your body train harder on metcon days so each time you do metcon you can go harder faster and visibly see the fat melting away each week.

fastest way to lose bodyfat: weights vs. yoga vs. other

One thing I failed to mention in the video is that when it comes to fast fat loss and weight loss nothing beats total body complex movement and that can be accomplished with weights or body weight or even yoga moves.  So again one is not better than the other it's really just a matter or sticking with big movement that boosts metabolism.  The two yoga poses featured in the video above are really great examples of this and can be done between exercises between rounds of circuits or after your workout.  

 The poses featured in the instagram video here are also a great example of big continuous movement that is great for speeding up metabolism and fat burning.  Remember that when you focus on smarter training it can all work to get you to your goal weight and bodyfat much faster.