best & fastest way to burn fat
without losing your sexy female curves

There are hundreds of burn fat exercises and fat burning workout you can do to get lean but most of them destroy your curves and result in boy shape body.  If you've ever been on a typical metabolic training program like most of the ones on youtube then you know exactly how frustrating it is to literally bust your butt and get a lean toned boy shape figure...  You worked hard the entire time but the result wasn't exactly what you wanted!  

I've been in your shoes before and totally understand what this type of disappointment feels like which is why I created this 3 week bodycon metcon series that will show you when and how to add intense intervals to your weekly workouts to get exactly the lean, toned, curvalicious female shape you desire.

fastest way to burn fat is with the right amount of bodycon metcon

The burning desire bodycon metcon circuit is simple but not easy because you're doing 4 minutes of continuous fat loss exercises which means you DON'T rest no matter how intense it feels.  So the way you accomplish this is to work at a steady tempo and if your legs start burning or you're having trouble breathing then you slow it down but you don't stop.

This is one of the best ways to build serious endurance and get your body to burn more fat faster without having to spend a bunch of time doing cardio intervals which can result in losing your hard earned booty muscle as well as your boobs.   The video here includes 4 min. at full speed and 4 min. at 2x speed.  Feel free to follow along!

If you have a lot of fat to lose then you can add this 4 minute workout at the end of any circuit that isn't a fatloss circuit or you can do what I did the other day and do it 4 min. before a regularly scheduled back and/or chest circuit (like chest circuit video) then again 4 min.  after your upper body circuit.  

You can also do 8 min. of this after a total body circuit and if you're choosing this option then you CAN take a 60 sec. break after your first 4 min.  to catch your breath but don't just stop moving, walk it off or dance or do mobility for a minute and you'll recover much faster and be ready to hit it hard for another 4 min.

fastest way to burn fat & still get curvalicious sexy body tip

The more fat you need to lose the more often you should do circuits like this.  So up to 4x per week if you're still working on losing a lot of fat or 3-4 x per week if you have the type of body that tends to hang on to fat easily.

If on the other hand you are naturally thin and struggle to keep mass on your assets and curves on your body then only add this to 1-2 of your weekly circuits.  I only do this type of training once a week to maintain where I am otherwise I start losing my hard earned butt and my chest starts to shrink fast and no woman who isn't willing to get implants wants that!  

Like I mentioned in my endomorphic body type article, you must:  A.B.C. - ALWAYS BE CUSTOMIZING to your unique body type and the way it responds to both metabolic exercises and metabolic eating.

The sexy song that inspired this is a remix of Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey.  Why, because you're going to be burning fat for the body you desire so you can feel beautiful sexy and confident just like Lana Del Rey looks in this video.  Need a workout plan that includes the fastest way to burn fat exercises, interval protocols and tips.  Get started with Bodycon Female Fitness Fatloss plan and start seeing better faster results this week...

I will be uploading more fastest way to burn fat exercise videos to my bodycon female fitness channel for the next 3 weeks.   Those videos will be posted here and on ybff facebook as well.