exercise straps for a fitter leaner more confident female body faster

Suspension trainer exercise straps are used by the military, celebrities, biggest loser contestant,  circus performs and athletes to blast fat and get seriously fit. They are one of the most affordable, versatile, easy to use pieces of fitness gear than can boost the intensity of your fat burning exercises so you can get your dream body even faster.  Here you'll find some of the best suspension strap exercises, tips, and options plus an intense workout challenge you can try.

Why exercise straps are so awesome for fatloss fitness and a sexy female body

1. Workout Anytime Anywhere. You can use straps in your home or backyard, at the park, gym, hotel room, dorm room, on a set of stairs or your work office.

2. Quick & Effective Fatloss Workouts. A suspension trainer was designed so you can transition between many exercises quickly and easily, allowing you to complete challenging fatloss workouts in less time and with just your body weight.

3. Anybody Can Use Them. The suspension trainer is so versatile that anybody can use it. I've seen men in their 80's using it, obese biggest losers using it, athletes using it, and buff moms using it. It can be adapted to any fitness level, any person, and any fitness goal.

4. Save Money & Save Time. Not only does suspension training get you a better body while having more fun, it costs less than a gym membership and is more effective than any space hogging home gym machine. 

5.  Super fun piece of equipment that allows you to experiment with movement. It feels like play instead of work whether you are doing more traditional exercises with it or dancing around with it like I'm doing in the viddy here.

6.  Boost your female body confidence by helping you get fitter and stronger in ways that you never thought possible.

The best exercise straps in various price ranges

When the suspension trainer made it's debut there was one fairly affordable version for $30 that was not the best quality.  I used that several times at our gym and was not that crazy about it.  A few years later a pricey high quality version was created that was $200 and soon after more quality and affordable options became available including:

  • WOSS Equalizer 3000 Suspension Trainer - featured in pink in the video above is the most affordable and comes with various anchoring straps.  Check out my review and video here.
  • SKLZ Power Strapz - is affordable but cheap and like gofit has two individual straps that attach to door which limits anchoring options
  • GoFit Gravity Straps - Bob Harper's kit, looks exactly like the TRX except it's two individual straps that only attach to doors, comes with additional leg straps and workout dvd 
  • RIP60 Home Gym - these are the Jillian Michaels straps and a great buy if you need guidance and motivation

The trx straps that I use in videos are the best quality.  They have a single point attachment that allows you to anchor anywhere and come with dvd, workout guide, 2 bonus workouts and additional door attachment (it's more expensive but worth the money compared to all the others)

The exercise straps class to try if you get a chance

If you live in a large city and you have access to a Jukari class be sure to try it.  Reebok Jukari is basically a combination of exercise straps training and aerial dance and is an incredibly fun way to get stronger and fitter. 

If you don't have access to Jukari you can also check for aerial dance classes in your city.  Aerial dance on a trapeze or silks or hoop is very similar to suspension training but is more challenging and so much fun.  

It's a great way to take your suspension training to another level!  Check out my video here to see what it's all about.  I took classes from 2010-2012 and really miss going to aerial and hope to go back as soon as I have more time.

Aerial dance is like Jukari and exercise straps combined.

Various ways to anchor your exercise straps

Anchoring your Suspension Trainer is super easy. You can use a variety of anchors and attach it to a door, the ceiling, a tree, free motion towers, gym equipment, and more.  Just watch the setup clinic below to learn more and to find the right anchoring solution for your needs.

We chose a ceiling anchor because working out near our front door or garage door was not practical. We also choose to save money by getting a $3 load bearing hook vs. the x mount which runs about $35. Be sure to ask for a load bearing hook that is going to support your weight if you plan to do what we did.