Exercises for Women Myths & Tips

Women have a big advantage over men when it comes to workouts and that advantage is endless workout options. While men are stuck with just a handful of manly man workout options, women can choose from a wide range of "exercises for women" including running, aerobics classes, weight lifting, dance fitness, body weight training, crossfit, flow yoga, boot camp, kick boxing, Pilates, pole dancing and so much more. The question is if there is such a thing as exercise for women or is it a big fitness myth that's holding you back from your best female figure.

Is There Really Such a Thing as Exercises for Women?

The answer to this question is NO. There are only seven basic movement patterns from which all exercises, workouts, and fitness routines originate from including: push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, twist, and gait (also known as walk/run/sprint).

Every single exercise in any workout, whether for a woman or a man, can be broken down into these seven basic movement patterns.  And any skilled fitness expert can simply look at a movement pattern (whether it's a football play, a dance routine on So You Think You Can Dance or your daily chores) and identify the movement patterns. So the truth is that there is no such thing as exercises for women only types of workouts that appeal more to women than they do to men and vice versa.

The Difference Between Workouts for Women vs. Men

You've probably noticed that not a whole lot of guys are taking up space in those bikini body boot camps or at Zumba.  There's also not a lot of guys going to pole dance fitness class or to foxy piloxing (pilates + boxing) classes either.

But plenty of men do hardcore body weight workouts to get a beach body, exercise on poles and box for fitness.  The main difference is not with the exercises or the workouts it's the way fitness programs are created then marketed for women or men and this is where things can get tricky for women who are not trying to sculpt a less athletic more curvy toned figure.

This video is so hilarious. Props to the guy in this video who practically killed himself trying to do some Felix Cane moves.

Tips to Find The Best Exercises for Your Female Body Type

The trick to finding the best possible workout for your goals is to forget about gender specific workouts and instead determine what your body needs then focus on finding exercises and workout that can be customized to fit your body's unique needs.

A female friendly exercise or workout may seem more female friendly simply because it caters to your level now but as you get stronger and leaner that exercise will no longer be effective unless you progress to a more challenging version.

So women's workout routines are fine as long as they are designed to become progressively challenging.  Exercise progression is the secret to getting the lean toned female body you desire so keep that in mind when looking for exercises and workout plans.  In other words how an exercise appears (female friendly or manly) matters less than if the exercise is right for your body type and goals.  

This is the manly man version of pole dancing : ) Doesn't look much different than the pole dancing above but can bulk up your core if you are a cone or ruler body type.

Female Friendly Workout Plans That Work?

Obviously you can get started with all the best YBFF fitness plans created for women who want to learn how to customize to their body type.  You can also get started with Brazil Butt Lift which can also be customized to your booty type.  I used it a while back and wrote a detailed review about Brazil Butt Lift for women trying to makeover their booty. 

If you're looking to sculpt a figure model body then you need to get started with The Bikini Model Program by fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee.  If you need more help deciding what workout plan you need to sculpt your desired body shape?  Check out my article  female body shape for more workout plan tips.