get sexy hips with Dynamic Exercises for Hips, Body Type fitness & healthy Foods

There are so many great exercises for hips but if you want sexy hips, the kind that look amazing in skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and sexy dresses then you need to skip the manly squat focused workouts that build bulky thighs, flatten the butt and narrow the hips. Instead focus mostly on exercises for the lower body that burn the fat while sculpting sexy hourglass figure curves. These exercises are so simple and they are way more fun than the typical workouts for hips that most women have learned from bodybuilder dudes and chics.

Best Exercises for Hips & Sexy Hips Workout Routine

The best exercises for sexy hips are simple, fun and require little to no equipment.  Get started with the sexy hips workout video here that shows you exactly how to combine these exercises into a more dynamic fat burning circuit workout that gets amazing results fast.

If you want even better results be sure to stretch for 5-10 minutes after every lower body workout to correct posture imbalances from past injuries, sedentary lifestyle, heels or even intense training.

Try 2-3 of the quick stretches in the slideshow here. Hold for 60 sec. each. You can also do 20 min. of flow yoga which is great for increased fat burning, toning and flat toned abs too.

Body Type Workout Tips

The exercises for hips above work for all body types BUT the trick to getting YOUR best female figure is to adjust the frequency and volume to your body type.

Rectangle and inverted pyramid body types need to build lean muscle in the booty area which means you need to work your lower body more often, with some weight, more reps and at a slower pace.

Hourglass and pyramid body types need to focus more on fatloss and need to work the lower body less often with less weight less reps and at a faster pace.

Every female body type also needs to take into consideration how much body fat to lose. It's generally a good idea for all body types to stay in the athlete range which is anywhere from 14-20% but do keep in mind that women can look very different at the same body fat percentage depending on their body type so don't just aim for some random body fat number. Aim for what is right for your unique body type.

What Foods Burn Fat & Help Sculpt Curves?

All the best exercises for hips won't work unless you eat clean healthy foods that boost metabolism at least 80% of the time. The great news is that you don't need to slash calories to a bare minimum, constantly eat protein, or cut out carbs because you're not trying to get super ripped.

I explain more about the 80% rule of healthy eating in the healthy eating guides that come with all YBFF workout plans.   It's so simple and gets amazing results for normal women not looking to get ripped.

Also when you learn how to eat 80/20 clean you can still enjoy a few cheat meals or treats per week.  In fact those cheat meals are what will keep your body curvy and prevent it from getting overly muscular looking. Below is a sample day of healthy eating from  your best female figure plan.

meal 1: green smoothie or veggie scramble plus 16 oz water

meal 2: mixed greens and veggies with small portion of lean protein and healthy fat plus 16 oz water

meal 3: green protein smoothie or berry protein smoothie plus 16 oz water

meal 4: 3-4 oz lean protein, 1 cups steamed veggies, 1 cup raw veggies, 1/2 cup whole grain carbs plus 16 oz water

Got questions about your body type?

You can use the form on the article  Female Body Type Workout to post them for me and I will answer them as soon as I can.