Forget Fitness Resolutions & Get Your Best figure with underlying exercise Motivation

Why is the New Year a time for fitness resolutions that quickly fade and become a chore rather than a way of life? Each and every year you set out to accomplish fitness and body makeover goals and soon find that the work is much tougher than you expected. You try to push and motivate yourself to do what you need to do to transform your body but soon enough life gets in the way of your efforts and you end up back where you started.

So what will it take to make your results getting workout plan a way of life rather than something you must force yourself to do? What will it take for you to stay motivated to do what you need to get your best body ever for life?  

Believe it or not no amount of fitness info, will-power, or goal setting is going to help you! Neither is an expensive treadmill, the latest celebrity trainer dvd, or that overzealous youtube "fitness guru" or personal trainer at your gym.

Fitness Resolutions Are Fleeting While Uncovering Your Underlying Exercise Motivation Gets Results for Life!

The key to unlocking unlimited motivation and unyielding determination in the face of all obstacles lies with your deepest desires. Is your ultimate purpose in life to strength train and do cardio 4-5 times a week? Probably not! Your ultimate purpose in life has more to do with the people you love and the things that you want.

Maybe you're a mom who wants to raise intelligent healthy children. Perhaps you're an ambitious career woman who wants to become CEO of a fortune 500 company. Maybe your a successful business man/woman who wants to provide great in home care for a disabled parent. You get the point.

Whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish is what motivates every action so think about how being healthier and fitter and leaner can help you reach your personal life goals faster and/or in a more enjoyable way.  

More great exercise motivation in the funny video here.  Zig Ziglar is one of the best motivators and most famous motivational speakers ever.  He recently passed away but left behind an amazing body of work. 

Your Best Body Ever Happens When Your Habits Align with Your Real Exercise Motivation

The truth is that finding your deeper purpose in life makes it easy to align your daily habits with what you want. You'll find it much easier to put on your shoes and go for that 30 minute walk every morning when you know the reason you're doing it is to have the energy to be a great mother to your kids (true client story).

You'll find it much easier to pick up those weights and strength train for one hour after work if you know the real reason you're doing it is to have more strength to pick up your disabled parent and help them take a bath (also true client story).

You'll find it much easier to roll out that yoga mat and challenge those tense muscles if you know the reason you're doing it is to have the mental and emotional focus to handle the daily stress of running a multi-billion dollar empire (as you may have guessed this is also a real client of mine's story).

The tight toned sexy body you get from the workouts is actually a bonus!   When you dig deep and uncover your underlying reasons for wanting to lose fat and get fit you'll find unlimited motivation to fuel those daily workouts. 

Check out more amazing exercise motivation tips in the video here.  Brian Tracy is one of the best motivators and probably helped me achieve more body and personal goals than any motivation expert out there.