easy halloween costume ideas with real clothes

by monica

click pics to enlarge and read captions

click pics to enlarge and read captions

click pics to enlarge and read captions why be the rat when you can be the delicious cheat food!  this fun dress is only $15 at Amazon this pizza is hot, calorie free and totally trending but hard to find.  top $35 and bottoms $35 on Amazon Pizza Rat inspiration:   Life's short!  Dream big then take action on your dreams and make them reality!!

Want to dress up for Halloween but the idea of spending money on a costume you'll never use again not exactly appealing to you? Then try these 8 easy Halloween costume ideas with regular clothes. All the ready to wear costumes pictured here are on sale at Yandy lingerie which is an affiliate of this site. Just click the link to shop Yandy costume sale No coupon code required.

Alright so here's how easy it is to diy these ready to wear costumes IF you prefer to spend money on real clothes instead.

1. Sexy Cat Burglar is so easy because a majority of us have a striped top, black skirt, shorts or leggings and a pair of black boots (any type will work; ankle, knee or over the knee). A mask with kitten ears is easy to make from cardboard or felt and a tail can be a boa from $1 store pinned to your bottoms of choice. The $ bag can also be made from fabric plus white paint or white cardboard glued on.

2. Game of Thrones Queen is your basic light blue maxi dress paired with UGG boots or riding boots and a plastic sword. You can also wear a peplum top over a flowing maxi skirt and add a metallic corset belt or metallic ribbon to make it look more interesting.

3. Music Festival Hippie is the costume that encompasses a whole lot of fall 2015 runway trends. Fringe, suede, florals and 90s are all trending right now so mash it up into a neo-hippie festival look like I did above. Pile on the crazy and if it feels wrong then you're probably getting it right ha ha.

4. Snake Charmer is a very easy and cheap costume to make if you already have most of the pieces. Wear a red shiny top or red sports bra, black maxi skirt and coin scarf around the hips plus another one around your head. If you like the snake pattern on the blouse you can buy some gold sequin trim and glue it with e6000 to any pieces of your costume. You can also glue fringe to your top like I've learned to do in burlesque. The snake you can borrow from your kids or buy cheap at Halloween or toy store.

5. Gangster lady is the complete opposite of mobster girlfriend or lady assassin from last year's Halloween costume ideas with real clothes and great if you're into the menswear vibe. I LOVE pinstripe anything and the best thing about this is that pinstripe pants can be workwear or going out clothes. If you choose to splurge on a beautiful retro pinstripe dress like the ones at uniquevintage.com you can wear it again for a special occasion such as a steampunk, rockabilly or burlesque festival. Accessories for this are super easy to make or borrow from a guy friend or your teenage son :)

6. Sorceress is a basic midnight blue robe (silk or velvet) with a hood that can be found at most department stores or thrift stores. If you can't find one with a hood then buy it without and make your own hood or sorceress headpiece from cardboard. Wear over a long black skirt and black top and close it with a sparkly corset or crisscross a silver ribbon around your torso several times to make it look more magical. **If you want to see how easy it is to make a hood from recycled lingerie check out this warrior mask diy pic on my burlesque performer feed.

7. Ronda Roussey is fun even though the idea of women fighting has ZERO appeal to me I like the idea of wearing a sports bra, spandex shorts and a robe or sports hoodie in a new way. If you want to make it look more sexy wear cage heels like the ones Roussey wears in all her interviews. If you want to wear a championship belt like hers you can make one from cardboard and gold spray paint.

8. Bonus costume idea: Pizza rat! As usual by total freak accident I predicted the popularity of this costume weeks ago on fb but why do it like everybody else. Don't be the rat! You're the delicious pizza and the rat dreams of having you so get into that bodycon dress or pizza bikini, if you dare, then just hang a large plastic rat from yourself. This is way more daring and sexy than what everybody else is going to do with this costume idea and if you've been busting your butt in the gym nobody is going to mind your killer curves plus now you have a fun food themed piece of clothing you can bust out for other fun parties! Seriously food clothing is trending right now so why not splurge. It's calorie free.

Got more easy real clothes Halloween costume ideas? Please share them in comments for our visitors!!

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