Dynamic stretches warm up routine options

If your goal is to burn maximum fat and calories during your workouts so that you can get a lean fit sexy body faster then you must include dynamic stretches in your warm up routine.  Dynamic stretches also known as mobility or movement prep, increase heart rate and blood flow and prep your body for better exercise technique.  The options below are quick, simple and can be done by people of all fitness levels.

Quick and simple warm up routine

This is the simple mobility routine I teach my clients and the one I do most days before a workout.  It takes 5-10 minutes depending on how many times you go through the circuit.  Perform 8-10 reps of each dynamic stretch once or twice and you're ready to train.  If you want a longer warm up you can try the one I'm doing in the video which is very similar but includes a few extra exercises.  You can also start with 5 min. of traditional cardio before doing any of the warmup exercises of your choice.

  1. leg swing side to side
  2. leg swing front to back
  3. standing upper body twist
  4. arm windmills
  5. neck circles
  6. reclined hip opener (a.k.a. alternating leg drop)
  7. side lying chest opener (a.k.a. Feldenkrais shoulder spine intergrator)

4 more dynamic warm up options & tips for better body makeover results

Here are some older videos from my  metcon workouts youtube channel.  These are more focused warmups that target specific areas of the body.  

Always choose a warm up routine that complements your fatloss workout so for example if your circuit involves a lot of pressing and rowing choose a routine that includes more shoulder openers, scapular retraction and spinal flexion extension so you get a better workout.  

If your circuit involves a lot of squatting and lunging then a lower body focused warm up will help you get through those types of circuits without struggling as much.

shoulder opener warm up

  1. reclined scapular retractions
  2. shoulder spine integrator
  3. kneeling spinal flexion extension
  4. kneeling  upper body twist
  5. palms up backwards arm circles

hip  opener warm up

  1. leg swing side to side
  2. hip circles back to front and front to back
  3. leg swing front to back
  4. downdog twisting hip drop
  5. dowdog to updog (combine 4 & 5 if you like)

warm up flow

Just flow from child's pose to updog to scorpion to back extension and repeat for 5 min.

For a more dynamic advanced warm up be sure to try my advanced warm up routine similar to this flow but incorporates more advanced warm up exercises for workouts with more advanced movement patterns.