what to do when you absolutely need to drop dress size fast!!

Are you experiencing a drop dress size 911 emergency?   This is not uncommon and if you head to your local magazine stand and look at all the women’s magazines you are guaranteed to find at least a dozen articles on how to do this in two, four, or six weeks.  Dropping a size can be accomplished quickly but some ways are easier and safer than others and some methods can actually prep your body to maintain the loss long after all your hard work and special event is over.   

I've helped countless clients with special event dress emergencies in the past 12 years including my own sister who could not zip up her bridesmaid dress 2 weeks before a wedding.  Below is ALL you need to know to get into that dress fast!  

get drop dress size mindset if you want to succeed

The right mindset is everything when you need to drop a size or drop two sizes fast.  If you’re going to attempt this you may as well decide to be dead serious about your efforts and adopt a no failure mentality.  If you don’t address this before you get started you will find yourself looking for excuses to cheat on your eating plan, skip workouts, and end up on a quest for a backup outfit instead.  

Get in “red carpet” mode just like sexy movie stars do and write down your goal and deadline on a piece of paper that will help you stick to your plan.  i.e. I will be this size by this date,  I will fit into this outfit by this date.

Then write down 10 affirmations that will help you do it.  This sets you up for success.  For example:  I  eat these lean body foods daily that will get me into this outfit by this day or I workout with the intensity necessary to downsize into this dress.  You get the picture.  Write 10 of these down daily and you are more likely to follow through with your plan.  This is a trick I learned from goals expert Brian Tracy and it works because once you put something down on paper your mind gets busy figuring out how to make it happen especially when you re-mind it daily.

focus on the right types of workouts

A lot of experts recommend that you get busy with an hour of strength training and an hour of cardio a day but if you pay close attention to all the big name movie stars that actually train this way you will come to realize that this is the formula they use to pack muscle mass and size onto action movie stars and worst of all it makes you insanely hungry and wears you down.

The best way to drop dress size quick is with metabolic conditioning workouts 2x per day 4x per week.  Get up early in the morning and walk around the block or on your treadmill for 5 minutes to warmup then get crazy with tabata intervals for 12-16 minutes then cool down for 2 minutes.  That takes 23 minutes  or less and will force your body to burn stored fat all day.  In the evening warmup with 7 minutes of mobility exercises and then get busy with 15-20 minutes of high intensity total body moves (total body workout not the same thing).  This workout must be so intense that you couldn’t workout past 15-20 minutes even if you wanted to.  In other words if you have energy for finishers you're not training that hard.  Be sure to stretch for 5-10 minutes after you are finished. 

On your 3 days that you're not doing metcon focus on recovery activities that burn more calories like flow yoga, a moderate paced walk, a swim or a bike ride or cardio workout dvd.  Training this way produces fat burning hormones and forces your body to use fat stores as fuel without increasing stress hormones that block fat burning.  It also sculpts a lean tight toned body instead which is key if you are trying to downsize.  Now is NOT the time for traditional weight lifting, P90X, or kettlebell bulking workouts.

Eat to Drop dress size & Maintain your results instead of regaining fat

Eating to lose weight is what most people do but metabolic eating to drop dress size permanently is what smart women do.  It's actually very simple:  eat small portions, drink lots of water, eat mostly vegetables and some fruits, eat small amounts of protein and 1-2 small portions of healthy carbs (quinoa, brown rice).   More carbs if you are a carb type or more protein and virtually no carbs if you are a protein type.  Find your metabolic type by taking a quick metabolic type quiz and then eat according to your type.  When you eat right for your type results will happen  faster and you will not experience cravings or hunger or regain weight and fat.

Another great way to get amazing results quickly is to incorporate an intermittent fast once or every 5 days.  This means you eat nothing for a 24 hours period.  No juices, no supplements, no food, no kidding.  Believe it or not this is popular in the fitness community and I have tried it and can honestly say it’s pretty amazing.  I.F. is not for everybody but if you are open to fasting it's actually quite easy once you get past your first couple of fasts.  The best part about it is that you quickly learn how little food you actually need daily to maintain your desired size. 

need to drop two dress sizes?

Dropping one size is hard work but dropping two sizes is actually not much harder.  The main issue here is time.  Be realistic about this.  You may be able to do this in 2 weeks like my sister did or you may accomplish it in 4 or 6 weeks if you can stick with the workouts, the eating, and also do not have major stress in your life.  If you are dealing with stress do everything in your power to minimize it and always focus on activities and eating that boosts health.  When you put your health first your body has no choice but to get lean and fit and sexy fast!