do quick high intensity workouts really get you a lean toned sexy body?

by monica

Don't be fooled by fitness chics online who glorify the 15-20 min. hiit workout. According to Exercise Etc. Inc. a continuing education provider for fitness professional 80% of the population is not fit for that type of workout or for exercises like the one below and I know this to be true from 12 years of experience training real clients.

So many youtube "gurus" who have never even worked with 1 actual client much less hundreds of them have no idea what it really takes for real clients to lose the fat and get fit, healthy and toned.

The truth is that a 20 min. high intensity fatloss circuit can work wonders to burn fat, strengthen and tone your entire body but only if you start with a 5-7 min. warmup, then do the circuit at a level your body can handle then finish up with 4 min. of tabata intervals plus 10-15 min. of stretching.

If you do the math that does not equal 15-20 min. of exercise. It's more like 40 min. and it looks like this:

warmup circuit 5 min.
4 rounds of fatloss circuit 20 min.
tabata intervals 4 min.
flexibility/mobility routine 8 min.
total workout time 36 min.

For example last night I completed 4 rounds of a 6 exercise fatloss circuit in about 21 min. but that wasn't all I did and if your goal is total body fatloss and toning then you can't rely on quickie hiit workouts like you see tons of fitness chics online doing either...especially if you're older, injured, stressed, inexperienced or you have a lot of fat and weight to lose.

My own workout last night was:
warmup 7 min.
abs booty cardio circuit 21 min.
4 laps at the pool 8 min.
stretching 5 min.
total workout time 41 min.

If you're struggling to burn fat and calories then 15-20 min. of hard exercises you can't perform fast and with good technique just isn't gonna cut it no matter what those hiit junkies say.

You need a combination of both quick/intense exercise at your level along with some moderate and restorative exercise to really get the fat off your body so you can finally get fit and toned.

A great strategy that I found works for many of my clients is weekly wave loading training. I'm sharing this training secret along with 4 others in my new ebook for subscribers coming at the end of the month so be sure to subscribe to your bff tips to get your copy.

By the way the exercise above can be done 4 different ways. The full length workout that includes this move also going out to subscribers next month : )

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