diy exercise sandbag for killer core booty workouts

by monica

I recently posted quick tips on my fierce body workout protocol about how to make an exercise sandbag for killer core booty workouts but this post includes additional diy exercise sandbag options and pics plus tips to keep you safe and prevent injuries.

diy exercise sandbag how to:

1. Find a sturdy duffel bag to fill with 20 lb of weight. One made of canvas is the safest option but you can also use one made of denier polyester or nylon. The main thing is to make sure the bag is durable and can handle 20 lb of weight. You also want to make sure the handles are stitched well so they don't rip and the bag falls on your foot while you're training.

**If you want a 100% safe exercise sandbag you can get neoprene ones like the ones in my videos. These are $26 for a 10 lb or $47 for a 20 lb (you add the sand when they arrive).

You can also try the fitness ultimate sandbag that you can also get at ybff amazon shop that adjusts from 5-15 lb so even though it doesn't accomodate 20 lb of sand you actually get two for $35 which is less than what I paid for my 20 lb hyperwear sandbell which means you can fill each one to 10 lb then use them together since they have handles (mine don't).

2. Fill the bag with any type of weight you like. You can use smaller weights like the 10 lb sandbell and two 5 lb ankle weights I used in the pics here. You can also fill plastic bags with gravel, pebbles or sand. The best way to do that is to double up two plastic bags then fill each bag until it weighs 5 lb. This way you can adjust the weight easily.

The quick video here shows a homemade sandbag workout and if you don't have a beach near you you can do what we did and "borrow" some sand from a kids playground or from a construction site somewhere. Nobody is going to care (trust me on this).

**You could also use small dumbbells in your duffel bag BUT wrap them in towels first so they don't get damaged and so the weight distributes more evenly in the bag. The towels also provide some cushion when you rest the bag on your shoulder.

3. Test the weight by doing a few wide stance squats and bent over rows to make sure it's going to work. You don't want to be in the middle of a workout and have your diy exercise sandbag completely fall apart on you which could lead to injury. Try a few sets of basic exercises and see how it feels then make adjustments and try it again THEN if it feels safe proceed with your kickass workout!

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