dimple free thighs with slow weightloss

by angie

Hi, You posted a before/after pic yesterday on FB of a woman that lost weight, and looks great. My thighs are similarly "dimpled" and I see in the after pic that, although smaller, they still look dimpled. Is it possible to get toned, dimple free thighs through slow weight loss with workouts such as yours? I know there are many factors in play here and not always a clear yes or no answer. Would love to know if it's possible. Thanks!

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May 15, 2014
the right plan for thigh cellulite
by: monica

Hi Angie, Thanks for posting this great question. Cellulite is a tricky thing. While some women are genetically more likely to get cellulite based on somatotype and body type ALL women can get it but can be easy to get rid of with right approach.

In my 12 years of working primarily with women ranging in age from 15-80 I've seen it on all ages and all body types and the primary issue is diet.

Organic natural healthy foods are the most powerful drugs that control your hormones and hormones control how much fat your body deposits, how tight strong your connective tissue structures are, how much lean muscle you can build/maintain which is what gives the body a toned cellulite free look. So clean up the diet as much as possible. Try not to eat many processed foods, fake diet foods, fake health foods, poor quality supplements like cheap protein powders and cheap meal replacement bars.

All that stuff that your body can't digest is considered toxins and either ends up in your fat cells or wreaks havoc on hormones weakening tissue structures so the cleaner your food tigher and toned you will look.

As far as training goes, there are two approaches that can be taken: 1. The triangle/endomorph solution is to focus primarily on bodycon metcon circuits 3-4 days a week then supplement with some intense lower body training 2 days per week depending. This works best on women who tend to store fat easily on the lower body and who also don't build/maintain muscle easily. I've used this approach with several women that had a very Jennifer Love Hewitt type bodies and it works wonders! It also works for hourglass types who have no muscle tone. One of my bootcamp clients who had killer abs but thick legs with a lot of cellulite said this is what finally started helping her lower body.

2. The ruler/ectomorph approach solution is to focus on intense lower body training 2-3 days a week then supplement with metcon 1-2 days per week. This works best for cone or rectangle bodies like me who've gained weight and/or bodyfat and who want to lose the fat while still maintaining some curves. I've actually tried this approach with triangle and hourglass types and it doesn't work for them but it works wonders for inverted triangles and rulers because these two body types can generally lose fat/cellulite easily without having to do a ton of metcon which kills the curves.

If you are trying to decide what plan would be best then I would recommend you start with Love Your Booty since it comes with YBFF and Bodycon plans. I would recommend Bodycon & LYB together for 6 weeks then transition to YBFF as a maintenance plan or combine YBFF with Bodycon or YBFF with LYB. I've experimented with all these combos and it keeps things fun and keeps your body going in the right direction.

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