Diet vs Exercise:  the 5 diet truths that will set you free of your fat forever

My 17 year old son exercises regularly on his own and constantly asks questions about diet & exercise so the other day I was curious to know how much of what I say he absorbs and I asked him which would win in a contest of diet vs exercise,  IF you could only do one or the other?

Now it only makes total sense that he would know the correct answer right? It's pretty much a given that most personal trainers have fit healthy kids but the truth is I never pushed health and fitness on him or lectured him much about anything other than not eating junk at every meal.  I just lived my healthy habits knowing that leading by example would eventually work its magic and it did.  He knew the answer and most importantly why...

Only when you accept the diet vs exercise truth do you stop making excuses & get results...

My son knew what the multitude of diet vs exercise studies out there have proven which is that diet beats exercise for health and weight maintenance.   It would be great if some of my 50 something clients would also accept this reality but they just don't seem to understand.  

They want to continue to believe that eating whatever they like and training really hardcore is what gets you a lean and fit body.   One client who is struggling with her health, weight, and fitness recently stated  "I don't really eat vegetables but I guess I can try".  Luckily I wasn't sitting in front of her when she admitted this or I might have just burst out laughing.  Sorry but "I can try" is not going to work...

The truth is you WILL NOT get any results unless you do eat a primarily plant based diet at least 70% of the time.  Here are the top 5 reasons :

  1.  A plant based diet is less caloric but more filling due to high fiber and water content.  Instant calorie control = easier weight mgmt.
  2.  A plant based diet contains more nutrients key for energy, muscle growth and recovery.  Nutrient dense calories = fat burning.
  3.  A plant based diet improves digestion and metabolic function which speeds up fatloss.  Metabolic eating supports metabolic training!
  4.  A plant based diet provides more textures and flavors increasing satisfaction which decreases cravings.  Diet satisfaction = no cheating.
  5.  A plant based diet keeps eating for health interesting and fun which prevents mindless boredom eating. Fun meals prevent binges.

Those are just a few of the dozens of reasons a primarily plant based diet is essential for health, fitness and a lean toned sexy looking body.  Nobody is saying you can't eat animal protein or starchy crabs or diary but those foods should be compliments to your plant based meals and not the bigger part of your meal. 

diet vs exercise truth is just common sense and cleaning up your diet is very simple...

To keep it simple use the plate technique and divide it into 4 equal parts.  Two of those parts should be veggies, the other part protein and the other part with starchy carb or fruit.   Once you get this formula down you can adjust according to your metabolic type.  Maybe you need zero starches ever or maybe you need no animal proteins ever.  Those are details you will begin to work out as you get healthier and fitter but to start this 4 part plate formula works for most women. 

The one thing that won't work is ignoring the reality that a healthy eating plan is going to get you results much faster than hardcore HIIT workouts and the fast food burger diet will.  Sorry but the body just doesn't function well on poor fuels.

So does the truth about diet vs exercise mean you can stop working out or do easy workouts?

What studies have found is that exercise is a great compliment to a healthy diet making it easier to maintain your weight and health.  It also improves performance for activities you enjoy doing even basic things like gardening or salsa dancing.  

But if you are doing challenging metabolic training as shown in video here in combination with healthy eating that boosts metabolism then your results will happen even faster than with just diet alone plus be easier to maintain.  Best of all you don't need to train for hours a day or make every single one of your workouts so hardcore you practically die.  

But why even have  a diet vs exercise contest!  Just do your best with both and get your best female body even faster...

This bodycon metabolic workout took a total of 30 min. and included various types of bodyweight rows, lunges, deadlifts, squats, plus core and booty exercises on the floor.  This of course did not include a 10 min. warmup and 20 min. of stretching afterwards.  So a total of 60 min. but only 30 min. of it was intense.  You could even cut it down to a 5 min. warmup 20 min. circuit and 10 min. stretch for a 35 min. super effective metabolic workout.  The point is you DO NOT need to kill yourself in the gym to look good especially if you are eating a mostly plant based diet.