Healthy diet saboteurs: the 5 p's sabotaging your best body & simple ways to handle them 

Not being able to stick with healthy eating is one of the most common reasons women struggle to get their best figure but contrary to what you've heard it's not because you lack will power or commitment to your health and fitness plan.  Quite often your diet saboteurs are operating below your threshold of consciousness.  The great news is it's surprisingly easy to get them under control.

Pain & Pleasure diet saboteurs

Pain - Whether it's physical pain from illness and injury, or emotional and psychological pain caused by loss or betrayal, pain is one of the biggest saboteurs of healthy eating.  The reason is simple; we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  And because certain foods like sugar, fat, carbs, alcohol are often associated with pleasure it is often just easier to consume something that makes us feel good, even if it's only for a few fleeting seconds, than it is to make healthy choices. 

Ever met a person in terrible pain who preferred mint tea over mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yeah, me either!  This isn't complicated psychology to understand and doesn't take monumental effort to get under control either.  Need a little help with this unhealthy eating trigger?  These easy PMS diet sabotage solutions work on pain too or if you really need help consider a helpful support group.

Pleasure - You may think this saboteur is simply an extension of the previous one but it can wreak havoc on your healthy eating without the pain as shown in the clever video here.   According to Dr. Vera Tarman, who specializes in food addiction and disordered eating,  "when we’re happy, we want to keep the happiness going.

On a neuro-chemical level, we can’t maintain that sense of happiness. In the course of a day, you’re in a good mood and you can be grumpy two hours later.  When you reach a high level of happiness, the temptation is to try to keep it going, even unconsciously. You eat something, you feel a little better, and so you keep going." 

Are you a happy overeater or happy unhealthy eater?  Experts suggest you find a calorie free way to treat yourself like a pedicure, a massage, a fun new fitness class, or a fun afternoon at the park with people you love.  Need a feel good workout to keep those happy feelings going?  Try this quick outdoor park or stair workout.

Digital diet saboteurs: Pinterest & personal trainers

Pinterest - In a series of studies conducted by RUDD Center for Food Policy & Obesity, researchers found "a direct and powerful link between television food advertising and calories consumed by adults and children."  So what does that have to do with your social media feeds?  If you don't follow any women's magazine or food feeds then absolutely nothing but if you're anything like my clients who follow all kinds of food feeds then you're basically exposing yourself to non-stop food ads.

The more food pics you see the more likely you are to overeat or choose unhealthy foods you've seen as shown in another clever WW  food ad.  "Food advertising triggers automatic eating, regardless of hunger, and is a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic. explained Dr. Harris, RUDD center marketing initiatives director."  Best solution when food pics constantly infiltrate your social feeds is to unfollow or only follow healthy food feeds.  You'll be shocked at how fast this cuts down on the cravings and bad eating.  Check out more ways that social media makes you fat and unhealthy here.

Personal trainers -  Think personal trainers have your best interest at heart?  They do but quite often their own eating agendas may be your worst diet saboteurs because they aren't exactly teaching you a way to eat that benefits YOUR unique metabolism and health.  Sure these individuals mean well but that doesn't mean that their obsessive compulsive strict eating cults are right for your unique goals or your unique body.  

A great fitness expert never dictates how to eat or endorses any one style of eating for clients or website visitors.  They guide you to find your own healthy eating solutions that will work for your body long term.  In my 14 years of working with clients I've had people achieve their best shape on weight watchers, south beach, warrior diet, intermittent fasting or no diet so it's all about finding what works for you.

Confused about how to eat?  Be sure to get started with metabolic typing which helps you uncover the best way of eating that's right for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle.

Social diet saboteurs:  pressure

Pressure - Not the kind of pressure you feel when you're stressed because of a deadline or other life changing situation.  It's the kind of pressure that friends, family, coworkers and even strangers inflict on you.  Sometimes they do it subconsciously and other times they do it with every intention to sabotage your healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.  Their reasons are less important than the reasons why you're caving into it every time they pressure you to have seconds, eat that slice of pie with ice cream you don't even want or have that 3rd or 4th drink you're going to regret in the morning.  

Peer pressure isn't something that ever goes away and the best way to deal with it is to learn to say NO thank you without having to explain yourself.  For example:  I'm o.k. without dessert but you have some if you like.  Need to build up your resistance to these diet saboteurs?  Strengthen your peaceful warrior energy zone with these corset training exercises.  According to tantric yoga traditions as well as somatics experts, strengthening the core makes you more assertive and responsible for your life choices.