3 diet myths sabotaging your body shape + 3 fixes for a better body 

Are these 3 diet myths sabotaging your body transformation results?  Why these die hard diet rules are actually make it harder for you to get a fitter sexier body and 3 simple fixes to get control of your eating to get the body shape you're after faster and forever.

In other words if you're not a bodybuilder then most of the ridiculous diet rules you've heard do not apply to you.  In fact the faster you ditch these rules the faster you'll start seeing that body transformation you're after.  Here's why all these healthy eating diet myths are just plain wrong!

diet myths #1:  fad diets are bad

Technically fad diets are not a great way to eat long term BUT they can help jump start your body transformation and provide that visual motivation you need to start making better choices.  If you have copies of any of my workout routines then you already know that I'm NOT a fan of fad diets but I have tried a couple over the years and as much as I hated being on those diets the outcome was good. 

If I had not tried Atkins [one of the most unbalanced unhealthy diets out there] I would not have lost 8 pounds of water weight when I was at my fattest (around the time my son turned 5 months).  Going on that horrible diet motivated me get back in the gym and it also helped me learn that I needed to find a healthier eating plan.  I'm NOT recommending fad diets but if you are desperate for results and want to try go ahead.    

Just be sure to also start an exercise plan so that you can quickly learn how fad diets don't provide the same energy and recovery benefits as more balanced eating plans do.  You should also look for a healthier plan that you can transition to once you're done with your fad diet of choice and trust me you'll be done with it sooner than you think.   

Examples of fad diets:  raw food, fruitarian, paleo, alkaline diet, blood type diet, cookie diet, high protein, cabbage or grapefruit diet, 2 day diet, etc.  If it sounds too good to be true or too hard to do long term then it's a fad!

diet myths #2:  eat more weigh less

Eat more weigh less - Not sure but last time I checked scientists still had not figured out a way for people to eat more calories than they need without storing excess calories in their  fat cells.  They did try that whole Olestra experiment a while back but most people found the side effects more painful than calorie reduction.   

It's a  scientific fact that if you eat more calories than your body burns then you'll carry around more fat on you too because our bodies were cleverly designed to store excess food right on the hips butt legs stomach and arms.  

The great news is that our brains evolved ages ago and created this cool thing called the polar repository so now you don't have to carry an entire winter of food on your abs and butt.  You can just store it in your refrigerator instead ha ha.  Need a refrigerator makeover?  Here's one with a funny polar repository video too.

Want to know why bodybuilders and athletes get away with the whole eat more weigh less rule?  Because they train HARD to pack on size then they starve and over-exercise to burn excess fat off when it's competition time.    Unfortunately that doesn't work for normal women. 

Other versions of eat more weigh less diets:  grazing, eat every 3 hours, eat at least 6 meals a day, eat more protein, calories don't matter, eat more lose more, etc.

diet myths #3:  diet is 80% of results

This idea that your results are attributed to 80% diet and 20% exercise is fairly outdated and misguided but still runs rampant on instagram and facebook.  The notion that any factor weighs more heavily on your results is one of the biggest fitness fallacies of all time.  Why?  Because muscle building and fat burning are complex processes that require a super healthy metabolism that is optimized by a variety of factors that all work together synergistically.  

Getting more sleep, reducing stress, getting vitamin D from daily sun exposure, proper hydration, good posture, efficient breathing not smoking or drinking alcohol excessively, are just a few of the many things that all contribute to nutrient assimilation, fat burning and muscle building.   So really every aspect of your lifestyle contributes 100% to how efficiently your body functions and what type of results you get from your efforts in the gym.  It ALL matters 100% so focus on improving in all areas for better results. and remember you can't out-train an unhealthy lifestyle :) 

Other versions of this myth:  abs are made in the kitchen, 30% diet 70% gym, you can't out train a bad diet, abs are made in the gym revealed in the kitchen, etc.

part 2 & part 3 myths coming next week...

In part two of this 3 part series we'll be covering more healthy eating myths as well as nutrition myths.  Need help figuring out a sensible healthy eating plan that works for your lifestyle?  Subscribe and get started with a complimentary copy of 5 Mistakes & 5 Fixes for Your Best Body.