definetely confused about my body shape, size and everything!

by Rania Amirah

Hello, and let me get this questiom straight to the point:
Im a female, 19 years old, bra size 34C, height around 149-151cm
Bust measurement: 35 inches
Waist measurement: 26 inches
Hip measurement: 35 inches

So, im really confused! My body looks like a straight/rectangle body shape but some body shape calculator i have visited says that im hourglass! And also one of my friend says that i look like im having a straight body shape while the other says i look like an hourglass! Help!! What body shape am i??

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Jan 16, 2016
body type calculators are usually wrong
by: monica

Hi Rania, thanks for posting your question. It's easy to get confused if you rely on calculators because most of the time calculators are wrong! I used 3 one time back to back and one of them even said I was a triangle(big booty tiny upper body). What a joke right! You've seen my videos and pics and this is the furthest thing from reality ever.

So some general guidelines to keep in mind are:

1. Bra cup size is generally not a factor. You can be any body type and have tiny or giant boobs.

2. A 10" difference between waist and hips usually means you are an hourglass BUT that still doesn't mean you'll look like an hourglass. I wrote about this a while back for another visitor.

3. The waist to hip ratio of 80% is also a good way to know if you have hourglass or triangle type body BUT again this doesn't mean you'll look like either of those if you tend to have an athletic body or if you're hanging on to too much fat.

Now based on what you posted your hips are only 9" bigger than your waist which is close enough to be an hourglass BUT if you have a tendency to store fat in the belly which ALL body types do nowadays thanks to all the chemicals and toxins in our food supply then it's possible that you look more like a ruler.

So one thing you can do to test this is to get rid of processed carbs, sugar, alcohol for 10-14 days and see what happens. Each day only eat 2 servings of fruit 9 servings of veggies (organic is a must) and small portions of protein (eggs chicken fish beef all organic) and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, chia water, olive oil or olives, coconut or coconut oil).

If you lose 2 inches around your waist easily then you are most definitely an hourglass. If you do all this and you don't then you're most definitely a ruler or cone (both are very similar except cones have much wider shoulders).

Another thing to address is core training. If you are doing tons of plank work the core will tend to look bulkier. This is a huge issue for many women and right now I'm having this problem because of all the classes with planking that I taught last month. Best thing to do if this is an issue is CUT CORE WORK to just 10 min. a week. That is all then see if the waist comes in easily. If it does you're an hourglass if not you're a ruler.

Hope all this is helpful and if you need a plan to help you carve out more curves be sure to check out corset core hourglass waist or love your booty plans.

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