3 smart strategies for dealing with negative people in your healthy life

When you're making your best effort to eat healthy, workout smarter and have a positive attitude about yourself and life in general but you may face one of the biggest obstacles of all; negative people who try to sabotage you because what you're doing is somehow a threat to them.

This is so common in health and fitness there should be an entire course for personal trainers on how to help their clients clear this ginormous obstacle.  Below are 3 smart strategies to help you handle negative people and their nasty comments.  

3 smart strategies for dealing with negative people

1.  It's not about you it's about them.  One thing that can really help you when dealing with negative people is understanding that what people say is 100% about them not about you.  Usually people are having a reaction to your healthy behaviors because your healthy choices are putting a spotlight on what they are realizing isn't so healthy in their lives.  Just accepting this and knowing there is nothing you can do to change this can alleviate the negativity you feel from certain types of people.  

Also a powerful strategy when you feel attacked by health and fitness haters who are threatened by your healthy choices is to put the ball in their court and ask them what plan they're on and how they're coping with obstacles in their health journey such as criticism from others.  When you finally put the spotlight on them surprisingly they clam up.  Seldom do they share anything good but if they do now you have something in common so it's a win win!

2.  Whether you fail or succeed doesn't matter  to them.  When you're committed to your health and fitness journey and motivated to keep improving, it can be easy to forget that other people have no vested interest in what you're doing and why you're doing it.  They can't see that a healthier, fitter, happier you can only improve their life with you.  If you're dealing with negative people like this be sure to make it about how what you're doing benefits them.

This smart strategy is about empowering others by pointing out how your healthy habits are benefiting their lives.  Maybe you're off meds that were costing your family tons of money, maybe you no longer have body image issues or feel depressed about your body so you are no longer in constant need of babying. 

Maybe you are saving money by not eating out or because of frivolous retail therapy because your physically AND mentally healthier.  Make a LONG list of ways your healthy behaviors benefit your critics physically mentally emotionally and counter their negativity with these positives until they get that your success is also their success!

3.  When you resist they persist.  Ever notice how when you resisted getting teased as a kid the teasing got worst?  A majority of negative people prey and feed on insecurity and defensiveness so the more threatened you feel and the more you try to defend your actions, the more empowered they feel in their criticisms or bullying.  If this is the case for you then go ahead and agree with them.   Wait! say what? 

Yes one of the smartest strategies that is incredibly effective for dealing with negative people is to agree with everything they say.  Tell them they're right no matter what they say.  In fact don't just tell them they're right, take it to the next level by making a complete satire of your healthy lifestyle.  After years of defending my lifestyle to my mother who criticized ALL my eating and exercise choices I tried this and it finally shut her down.  

Apparently what happens when you agree with your critics 110% is that they have nothing left to say and that silence is priceless.  Just remember that you're only pretending to agree so don't start believing that stuff!  Also keep in mind that negative people are everywhere.  They can not always be avoided or deleted from your life but you can learn to handle negative people in a positive way that makes your healthy life easier to live.

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