Best Dance Workout dvds for a Sexy Lean Toned Female Body

Dance workout dvds have become a popular way to get fit and burn calories but can they sculpt toned abs, sexy hips, and a lean toned female body shape? The most popular dance workouts aren’t always the most effective when it comes to losing the fat and sculpting sexy female curves. Below are the top 3 things your dance workouts must include to help you get your best female figure.

#1 Big Total Body Movement Patterns

Look for dance workout dvds that focus on big movement patterns, the bigger the better. The more of your body that’s involved the harder you have to work and the more calories and fat you burn.

Workouts that include tighter choreography may be fun but they won’t burn as many calories or fat which are both key to shedding the layer of fat that’s covering those sexy abs.

A great dance workout dvd that includes big total body movement is So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk.  This workout keeps you moving and includes tons of big total body movement that blasts the fat and tone the legs.

#2 Dynamic Fast Paced Routines

Dance workout dvds come in many forms including Bellydance, Ballroom dance, and Burlesque dance but as fun as these workouts are some are not fast paced enough and they burn very few calories per hour.

If your goal is toned abs, sexy hips and a lean toned dancer body be sure your dance workouts are both dynamic and fast paced.

A great example is The Cardio Samba Workout or Brazilian Body  or take a Zumba class. These are super fun, dynamic, and fast paced too.   I've tried Zumba and actually prefer the Cardio Samba and Brazilian Body dvds because they included more complex movement patterns that challenged the core, glutes, and upper body.  They also felt more like a real dance class.

#3 Fun & High Energy

If you’re looking for dance workout dvds then you’re probably looking to have more fun with your workouts and that’s great because the more fun your workouts are the more likely you are to stick to them.

Just make sure that your fun dance workouts are also high energy. Challenging your body is the only way you’ll be able to burn stored fat so you can get that lean toned sexy body look.

A great example of this is Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom. This workout is so high energy and so fun you’ll forget you’re working out even though your blasting tons of fat and working every muscle in your body.  Hough keeps you moving the entire time and was fun to follow. I loved her hyper energy even though that style of teaching is usually not my thing.

Enjoy or prefer slower paced dance workouts?

Slower paced dance workouts like ballet or hula hooping or burlesque CAN also help you sculpt a lean toned body too. They won't burn as many calories or fat as the dance workouts featured here BUT they are a great recovery activity for days when you need a break from more intense workouts. You can learn more about those types of workouts at all the links above.