sexy burlesque dancer body inspired exercises & corset dance & tips 

How to get a sexy dancer body is a question I get asked often.  Most women who ask me this never really differentiate between ballet body, burlesque body, showgirl body.  So based on the main reason women visit your best female figure, I'm guessing they mean showgirl or burlesque body so that's what this circuit that includes burlesque dancing inspired fitness can help you get!

Get a sexy burlesque dancer body with dynamic movement & burlesque dancing...

Ever notice how dancers spend as much time on warming up and movement prep as they do on dance rehearsal or dress rehearsal.  Like athletes who spend a minimum of 20 minutes warming up before practice or events dancers understand that only perfect practice makes perfect dance movement.  

This is the reason the movement prep in this video is close to 10 min.  It will help you perform all the advanced burlesque dance inspired exercises with better technique so you get better results.  This also prevents injuries and is actually a fun way to improve posture as well as glute and core activation.  Be sure not to skip this part.  You may also want to do an extra 5 min. warmup routine before the movement prep in the video.

Perform 8-10 reps of each functional exercise once then continue with 8-10 reps of exercises in the working circuit which you can repeat up to 4 times if you're not dancing or fewer times if you plan on sexy dancing for 5 min. after the workout. 

burlesque dancing in corset tips

You don't need to wear a corset or heels to sexy dance but if you want to wear a corset with heels or without heels the tips in this quick video will help you get the right type of corsets for your needs or just for fun : )

The dance is simple.  You turn take two steps lift bent leg turn then strike 3 poses with hands over head at chest then at hips.  Then swivel the hips and turn and point arm to corner then hop and walk towards chair lean on chair to pendulum kick then turn and sideways walk then burlesque squat to burlesque lunge to standing pose then turn as you wrap arms around chest then push hip out and slide hands on thighs.  Step into seated twist rollover to pilates bicycle to crouching then turn and start over.  It's everything you were doing in the circuit with some extra moves thrown in.  Have fun and make it your own.  

If you need to learn how to do rollovers or pilates bicycle be sure to watch the tutorial here.  It's excellent for learning these advanced moves that are also in YBFF & Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan.   

sexy dancer body inspiration

After I filmed these videos I came across this amazing choreography of Katy Perry's Dark Horse and noticed that some of the moves are similar to the ones in my video except these girls perform them much faster and with more of a hip hop attitude than a burlesque dance feel.   

This video is a great example of how you can combine really complex movement into really fierce sexy dancing that you can do for fun and for fitness.  The move that stands out the most to me is the jump into single leg squat to rollover to twist into hands and knees.  I tried it and it was so fun but very advanced.  Don't try it unless you have perfected the rollover!  I will film it soon in another sexy dancer body video so you can see it in slow motion.