curvy butt slim waist exercises
for a sinfully sexy body!

There are tons of curvy butt slim waist exercises that can help you get that killer booty sexy waist figure you desire but these exercises in my new video do that and so much more like strengthen your core, protect your spine, strengthen tone upper and lower body plus improve balance stability endurance etc.   

That's why wicked and delightful were the only words I could use to describe this mini circuit that targets your tail feather (isn't there a song about that) while getting you fit and waisted as they say in waist training.  Ready for a little pain for a beautiful figure?  Love the lingerie on this gorgeous model with curvy booty and sexy waist?  It's available at Yandy Sexy Lingerie.

curvy butt slim waist exercises & tips

All the exercise variations in this video are from Love Your Booty Plan & Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan which I started simultaneously this week.  If you've never done those plans together then I highly recommend it and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results plus how well they work as one plan. There are 3 ways that you can do these curvy butt slim waist exercises for great results:  

  • You can substitute any of the moves in those plans with these and to make these workouts more challenging.
  • You can try this entire video as a min-circuit when you are too busy for two full back to back circuits of those plans.
  • You can also replace any circuit in those plans that has similar movement patterns (lunge, press, bend, twist) with this circuit.  

It's entirely up to you how you use these curvy butt slim waist moves to fit your body your preferences and your life.  The most important thing is to focus on technique.

Curvy Butt Slim Waist Instructions:  Perform 8-12 reps of the alternating lateral tactical lunge with or without ankle weight or overhead press.  Follow it up with the supine leg swing core activation with ankle weight then finish up with either the kneeling bent limbs core activation (also called dynamic horse stance) or the diagonal straight limbs core activation.  After one set rest then repeat 1 more time.  These exercises are advanced and difficult so you don't need tons of sets and reps of any of them for this circuit to be effective.

Tips:  If you suspect that your glutes are dysfunctional and not firing because you're constantly losing your balance try some glute activation exercises first and see if that helps.  If it doesn't that means you are not ready for this complex move.

If you can't tell whether your core is contracting the way it should tie a string snug around your waist like I've shown in previous core activation videos and if the string becomes tight as your limbs move away from the body that means your core is weak and needs more stability.  Remove the weights so you don't hurt your back and work on getting a stronger contraction before adding weight back in.

Some extra info about the burlesque portion of the video

I am excited to finally be performing again and it's the improved confidence from videos I post on youtube and this site that got me back on the stage after years of not performing.  The excitement at this point is outweighing all the fears I previously had which is a great feeling.

If you want to learn the dance portion of my burlesque act I am more than happy to teach it to you in a video.  Just post a comment for me on fb or instagram and let me know if you want to learn it so I can film it.

There are 10 other women performing with me and the most important things I've learned from all of them is that even though we all have different insecurities nobody really cares about having the perfect body.  We all just want to be our best self, have fun and perform well.

If you want to follow my burlesque adventures you can like/follow my burlesque persona on fb but please be respectful of my privacy and other performers privacy as well.  I also post burlesque stuff on instagram from time to time.

I will be posting more footage from the nightclub where we are performing as well as pics but they will be on my burlesque feed and not on my regular fb feed.  I will be posting all my personal burlesque stuff there from now on.