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hello, i was wondering if there is a way that i could get a a more defined waist and a butt lift without losing my curves and butt at the same time. I've tried running , gymnastics and ballet but i always seem to lose my butt and my waist although it gets smaller when compared to my hips and butt that have lost weight it still looks bigger. also if there is a way to get toned arms without them bulking up and looking too muscular.

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Sep 09, 2016
sculpt sexy booty and slim waist without bulking arms
by: Monica

The answer to your question is of course! There IS a way to get more curvy waist and butt without building bulk up arms. The reason this may have been difficult for you in the past is the activities you were choosing to get or stay fit were not the best match for you especially if you are a cone or ruler body but here's how to fix this:

Fix #1: Running burns calories but is a quad dominant activity that over trains the front of the body and for many women creates a posture imbalance that flattens the butt. If you enjoy running I highly recommend you stop just running and instead start running stair sprint intervals or sprint intervals up hills. Sprinting is an excellent activity that burns fat AND builds really powerful booty muscles that look rounder and fuller. If you don't have stairs or a hill nearby do chair workouts like these.

Fix #2: Gymnastics I'm sure burns tons of calories and because it is so dynamic it also burns more fat than running but it primarily trains the back, core and arms in a way that puts on a lot of muscle mass and bulk in those areas while leaving the legs smaller. If you go look at pictures of gymnasts you will notice that most of them have very broad shoulders, wide thick core and really bulky arms. This is not a criticism of gymnasts it is merely an observation of how a sport creates a certain type of body shape necessary to do that sport (same as swimming or climbing or any other upper body focused sport). If you like gymnastics try limiting it to once a week and count is as your core and upper body work for the week. In other words you don't need any other upper body workouts if you're doing that.

Fix #3: Ballet is amazing for lower body endurance and strength for core stability, upper body tone and coordination but it doesn't build the butt at all! Not sure if you've noticed but most ballerinas have not butts (Misty Copeland is probably the exception). If you like ballet try the ballet workouts I recommend in this article that get you more curvy booty and waist.

If you need help putting it all together be sure to get started with Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan that shows you how to train for the body shape you have as well as the body shape you want. It includes tons of workouts and a schedule to follow that is right for your body type.

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