Curvalicious workout plan: 21 day challenge

Need to burn fat, tone up, sculpt sexy curves, look and feel amazing for a bikini, lingerie or special outfit?  The YBFF curvalicious workout plan is a 21 day challenge that does all that plus improves endurance, fitness levels, motivation plus it's totally adaptable to your needs.  

Curvalicious in 21 days challenge workout plan & tips

To get started simply click the pic to download the pdf.  Save the pdf to your phone, tablet or desktop then just click the links for each day and follow the options of your choice.  

Curvalicious workout plan tips:

Also if you are a total beginner then I highly recommend you start with YBFF plan then progress to Corset Core then Love Your Booty then Bodycon and only then do this plan.  The curvalicious workout plan is an aggressive 21 day challenge that will tax your body in ways a beginner and some intermediates can't even begin to handle so be safe and start from the beginning.  *You also need some of those plans to do this challenge.

You can customize this plan by adding or deleting cardio, by increasing or decreasing stretching time (notice I didn't say deleting bcz you must do at least some stretching to look amazing).  How much stretching is up to you but at least aim for 10 min. post workouts.

You can also customize this by choosing what workouts to repeat based on your body type for example if you are a cone or ruler then more upper body and core is not a good idea.  If you are a pyramid or hourglass more booty building is probably not required.  

Focus on areas that are going to balance your shape by adding mass where you need it.  Working body parts you don't like more often can often increase their size so keep that in mind!!!

The two circuits listed in the pdf currently do not have videos but they are moves you've seen in many of my videos.   I will most likely be filming these circuits in the next week for anybody who is not familiar with these.  Will also be posting exercises from this plan on ybff instagram and fb.

Need to get even better results faster?

If you are struggling with your eating plan I highly recommend you try intermittent fasting as a way to get control of your calorie intake and calorie quality.  Yes this is still a controversial method of body transformation but the research on this is pretty solid.  If you want to learn more about it check out my in depth IF diet article here.

Need a different way to control appetite and calorie intake.  Try waist cinching.  This is also a controversial method of body transformation but it does work for many women and has the added benefit of not allowing your waist to bulk up.  Just DO NOT wear waist cinchers during your workouts EVER.  Everything you need to know on waist cinchers and the current discount code good thru April 30 2016 if you decide to get a waist cincher from hourglass angel is:  FEMALE15