Burn More Fat, Slim Your Waist, Tone Butt & Get Your Sexy Curves Faster 4 c.o.r.e. tips

Getting a slim waist and a fit toned body that is both healthy and sexy is much easier when you follow these 4 corset C.O.R.E. training tips:

Correct exercise technique and posture imbalances every time you workout so that you don't waste time and get better results from your time spent exercising.

Optimize health and fat burning with exercise that boosts vitality instead of just busting your butt all the time with beast mode exercise that stresses your body.

Revamp your workout routine as soon as your body starts adapting to prevent plateaus.  The more advanced you are the more often you need to progress your workout routine.

Eat right for your female body type and sexy female figure goals instead of eating like a dude or a bodybuilder chic or an athlete.  Normal women just don't need that many calories, or meals or protein regardless of how much the 6 meal a day pushers say.

I discuss these 4 simple tips in detail in the figure 8 video here and they are also the foundation of my Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan which I designed for every day women who struggle to burn belly fat and get lean toned and sexy.

One of the biggest myths in fitness right now is that more exercise intensity, more meals, more protein, and more hardcore training is the formula for fatloss and for de-bulking the core but in reality most women just don't respond well to more of all this stuff.  As the saying goes more isn't better, better is better and that requires a smarter approach.

Smarter Corset Waist Training vs. Hardcore Training That Causes More Stress & More Stubborn Fat

As you already know stress is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to getting your best female figure.  Not only does chronic stress increase fat storing hormones and decrease fat burning hormones but it can also trigger stress eating. 

But daily life stress is just one type of stress.  There are actually many types of stress that can block your fat burning and toning results and if you're struggling with any of these stressors then harder more intense exercise does not work and actually has the opposite effect causing your body to store more fat. 

The 9 Types of Stress Preventing You from Your Best Female Figure

  1. Chemical - toxins in your environment or food you eat
  2. Electromagnetic - ELF pollution from electronics, microwaves, cell phones, tv, electric motors
  3. Emotional - difficult relationships, toxic people, or loss of any type
  4. Mental - very challenging work or projects or negative thinking or negative body image
  5. Nutritional - wrong types of foods or too much food that stresses your digestive system, immune system, kidneys
  6. Physical - too much physical work, or hardcore exercise, not enough sleep or restorative stress relieving activities
  7. Serious Injuries or Accidents - car accidents, sports injuries, or injuries that alter your posture
  8. Thermal - too much heat or cold for extended periods 
  9. Long Term Conditions or Diseases - asthma, cancer, arthritis

The workout in this older video from my other site was filmed in May 2010 just a few months before I got seriously injured.  I was doing quick and intense HIIT workouts daily plus really limiting my carb intake yet I was still struggling with stubborn belly fat, bulky thighs, a thick waist, and my endurance wasn't that great either. 

I was carrying around 10 extra pounds of fat in this old video and my waist was about 5 inches wider too.  I was  well aware at the time that I needed a smarter approach to fitness but it took a serious hip injury to finally get me to start training smarter not just harder.

Don't get me wrong and think I'm saying this type of training is bad or not neccesary.  I still do metabolic training but my entire exercise and eating routine is smarter and more balanced now vs. just hard and intense all the time.

If your goal is to lose the stubborn fat (especially around your middle) and get your fittest healthiest sexiest body ever then be sure all your workouts follow the corset waist training tips outlined above.  The results you get from customizing everything to your unique body and needs will amaze you and best of all it's easier than busting your butt all the time and getting nowhere with your body makeover goals.