Correct Posture Imbalances from High Heels with this Quick Feel Good Workout

There is no doubt that high heels are sexy and stylish but contrary to what you may have read about the "benefits of high heels" or high heel workouts they are not good for your posture.

Wearing high heels will create one of two postural imbalances: 1. flat back forward shoulder posture also known as Pink Panther syndrome which contributes to dysfunctional core, weak hip flexors, poochy lower abs, stubborn belly fat, back fat as well as flat butt syndrome.

2. lumbar lordosis also known as Donald Duck syndrome which contributes to weak hamstrings, weak upper/lower back, low back pain, knee pain, plus bloated looking abs and a weak butt that looks bigger and flabbier than it really is.

High Heels Posture Corrective Exercises

The exercises in the video are just a few of the many dynamic stretches and mobility exercises you can do to improve your posture.  You can also try stress management exercises as well as breathing exercises for stress.  Both work wonders to eliminate tension and restore good posture.

Perform 5 reps of each exercise taking your time with each movement. Push through the thera band with your feet and roll all your weight into the foam roller and don't forget to breathe and relax to get your spine into alignment faster.

  • supine thera band ankle circles
  • supine thera band leg swings
  • foam roller lower body rotation
  • foam roller upper body rotation
  • foam roller shin rolling
  • yoga block dynamic calf stretch
  • downdog to single leg hip opener
  • dynamic deep lunge stretch

Correct Posture for Better Workouts Tips

Want to burn more fat and get better results from your workouts? Get busy with these simple tips:

Watch video here to see how easy it is to incorporate correct posture exercises into your warmup.

Correct Posture with Flow Yoga & Get Your Best Body Faster

Get busy with some flow yoga for better posture and you will get your best body ever faster.  Not only does flow yoga correct many posture imbalances it also strengthens your core and will help improve your breathing for increased fatloss during and after your fatloss workouts.  Watch video here to see how easy it is to incorporate flow yoga or yoga poses for weight loss into your weekly workout routine.