next level core booty training
for a sexy waist & sexy butt

One of the most important tips from all ybff workout plans is to take your core booty training to the next level as soon as your body begins to adapt.  So the minute those exercises that you were once struggling to do are no longer challenging is the ideal time to find new ways to do those exercises.

In the video here I show examples of advanced versions of three exercises from various ybff plans plus tips on how you can incorporate these into your weekly body type workout blueprint.  Be sure to follow all the tips listed below as well to train safe and for even better results.   And if you don't have the same chair or stability ball I'm using I've listed other options for those as well.  Ready for the core booty torture...

core booty training "CBT Torture circuit"

In the quick video here I explain that you can either substitute similar moves in your weekly circuits for these 3 core booty training moves or that you can do this entire circuit twice as part of your weekly core work.  How many times a week depends on your body type blueprint so refer to the ybff plan you are on now for that.  Here's a list of what each move can sub for from ybff circuits:

Stability ball hip extension with mini band abduction - This move can sub for stability ball bent leg hip extension as well as floor skydiver hip extension.  You can also do this in place of ball swan dives or floor swan dives and floor back extensions or chair back extensions like the ones featured in this butt workout video I uploaded a while back.

Chair mini band hip extension with knee in - This move can sub for any type of laying on your back straight or bent leg bridge.  So if you've been doing these with foot on stability ball or medicine ball or suspension trainer or couch or foam roller then this version will kick all those versions asses.   Your butt will literally feel like it's being tortured especially after the second round of this evil butt exercise.  A little pain is good every now and then right!  A lot of pain on the other hand not good so be sure to follow tips below to avoid injury!

Rollover with mini band abduction - This can sub for the rollover medicine ball getup or rollover to squat thrust or reverse single leg squat to rollover getup or the rollover to V up.  So this subs for any move you've seen that involves rolling back and elevating the hips even if the legs are not going overhead like the one in video here.  Also like I mentioned in the video the boat pose is optional but does train your deep abs extra hard.  Keep scrolling down for more tips and equipment tricks...  

core booty training tips

Trust me when I say these core booty training exercises only look easy because I've been doing this stuff for quite a few years now.  If I had started at this level years ago when I created my first ybff plan I would've seriously injured my neck shoulders and low back so with that said please follow these tips for safety and for better results!!:

  • If you are doing these exercises correctly you will really feel them in your glutes and deep abdominals while your doing them and after so if one set is very challenging then one set may be enough.  I tried one set the first time then increased to two the second time I tried these and my core and glutes have been sore for days so choose rounds according to YOUR fitness level and if start with glute activation if you need it.
  • Only advance to these exercises if you can do the easier versions of them with perfect technique.  It's tempting to try more advanced moves but if your body isn't ready your chance of injury is high which makes getting a sexy body harder.
  • Don't have a chair to anchor a mini band like I did?  You can anchor the mini band to a door using an anchoring strap which can be purchased at a sporting goods store or amazon.  You can also anchor the band to your other foot but make sure you wear shoes so the band doesn't fly off as your doing the exercise.  Mini band to the face isn't fun and yes I have a funny story about that here (luckily not my story).
  • Don't have a stability ball?  You can use a chair or a stool like I did in the best butt video above but it's much harder to abduct the legs on a chair and your low back may end up doing more of the work so be careful with this modification.  It can be done just requires more focus and attention to form as you do the exercise.