Top Diet Mistakes & Clean Eating Tips to Get Your Lean Toned Body with Sexy Hourglass Curves

"Adding more fatloss workouts when your diet is suboptimal is an inefficient and time-wasting strategy that will result in an increased risk of burnout and overtraining." Martin Berkhan,  nutritional consultant and lean gains creator. 

I can probably find dozens of quotes like this from many other fatloss experts who maintain low body fat year round but it's just the same old "abs are made in the kitchen" story with a new spin.  So instead of the same old tired clean eating article how about something that actually works!  First, start by answering these simple questions:

  • Are you on some type of diet or do you eat for fatloss or weightloss?
  • Do you exercise primarily to "burn calories"?
    Do you avoid certain foods or view certain foods as bad?
  • Are you constantly worried about your weight or obsessed with losing weight and fat?
  • Do you step on a scale daily to see if you've lost weight or bodyfat?
  • Do you constantly obsess over every calorie that you eat and burn?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above then keep reading to find out how to fix these common diet mistakes that are standing between you and your lean toned sexy body.

Best Clean Eating Tips for Your Best Body Ever

Diet Mistake #1:  Always on the latest greatest weightloss/fatloss diet - If you're constantly on the latest fatloss or weightloss diet then you're missing the big picture that involves eating to optimize health and fat burning vs. weightloss/fatloss. 

Clean Eating for A Lean Toned Body Tip #1: Choose A Healthy Lifestyle Diet vs. Diet As A Lifestyle - Fatloss, which is key to looking toned and sexy, isn't just about going on a diet or cutting out carbs or eating more protein or kale smoothies.  As boring as it sounds a lean toned body is achieved by eating for health first not by following fads like paleo or low carb or detox or smoothie diets. Focus on eating healthy foods that support a healthy lifestyle at every single meal.  Even if it's only a small part of your meal the healthy foods will eventually take over and crowd out the unhealthy ones because your body will start preferring those foods.    And if you are already eating super healthy and need a nutritional boost try adding in some of the best supplements for fatloss to help your body.

Diet Mistake #2: Focusing on burning calories that you've eaten! - Calories trackers, pedometers and calorie counts on cardio machines are all great inventions but they train people to believe that weightloss and fatloss is all about calories in vs. calories burned.  In reality it's all your habits that contribute to metabolism, calorie burning and fitness results.

Clean Eating for A Lean Toned Body Tip #2: Earn Your Calories vs. Burn Your Calories - Quality weightloss and fatloss that gets you a lean toned body for life happens when you earn the calories you eat by living a healthy lifestyle 24/7.  Next time you eat a meal ask yourself how you earned those calories.  Did you get sufficient exercise that day, did you get enough sleep the previous night, enough fresh air and sunlight (they both assist with fat burning).  Did you do your best to reduce stress hormones that store fat, did your day revolve around healthy activities vs. unhealthy activities and is the food you are about to put in your mouth supporting your healthy lifestyle?  Start asking yourself these questions daily! 

You may be able to burn calories but you can't burn unhealthy habits that contribute to excess fat. You must be active, live healthy most of the time and even when you do all that you must also practice clean eating 80% of the time.  The cool thing about switching from burning to earning mentality is it motivates you to make healthier food choices and that makes maintaining your lean toned body easy.

Diet Mistake #3: Constantly weighing yourself after you start the latest diet - This is the old school weigh-in mentality promoted at diet centers that uses the scale as a measure of success. Did you know that the body weight scale is only one tiny way to measure fitness and weight loss success.  In reality it may be the worst way to measure your permanent body makeover results because it keeps you focused on your measurements vs. on your healthy behaviors.

Clean Eating for A Lean Toned Body Tip #3: Weigh Your Daily Lifestyle Choices vs. Weigh-In Daily - A better strategy for faster lasting fatloss is to start tracking your behaviors in a diet and exercise journal.  Write down everything then measure your choices against your goals. Ask yourself if what you're doing every day is going to help you reach your lean toned body?

If your behaviors match your goal 80% of the time then you will get the body you want quickly and keep it that way forever. If you're not choosing healthy behaviors 80% of the time then you will struggle to get your lean toned body goals forever.  Need more help with healthy lifestyle?  Follow all the success tips in Your Best Female Figure Success Guide.