3 Simple Cheat Meal Tips to Prevent Fat Gain

Once a week I treat myself to something quite decadent but some weeks I skip the cheat.  It all depends on my mood.  The important thing about cheating is knowing when to do it, how to do it and why to do it!  Here's 3 simple tips to help you cheat the smart way.  How does this champagne filled donut look right now haha!

Cheat Meal tip #1:  When to Cheat

If you're going to treat yourself to something sugary or fatty or high calorie or all those, the best time to do it is AFTER a metabolic workout.  Can be that same day or the following day.  The point is to do it when your body is using up that fuel to build muscle.  If you cheat when your body is not ready for high calorie intake you're just sending those calories directly to your fat cells and then you need to deplete before a workout to unlock that fat for fuel.  It doesn't make any sense to do it backwards does it.

Cheat Meal tip #2:  How to Cheat

A cheat meal isn't a ticket to the all you can eat all day buffet!  When you cheat you still have to do so in moderation and you have to make sure that your cheat doesn't spike your insulin levels so if you're going to have something sugary try having tiny bit of protein first to block that insulin spike. 

If you're going to clog your digestion with heavy meats and dairy then have digestive enzymes and greens powder before to help your body process all that food.  These little tricks may seem silly but they work to keep your cheats from turning into fat storing episodes.

Cheat Meal tip #3:  Why to Cheat

This seems like a no brainer right?  Cheat because you feel like it, because you deserve a break, because you have a special event or are out of your regular eating routine.  Those are all good reasons except when they aren't good reasons so you must THINK before you cheat.  Be mindful of why you are choosing to cheat and instead of just doing it randomly begin to plan your cheats a bit more. 

Gaining control of your eating behaviors is incredibly empowering and enables you to recognize when a cheat meal doesn't actually need to happen.  It makes you aware of how you have a choice and sometimes the choice you prefer is the healthy fatloss meals

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