change is inevitable but transformation always a choice

by Monica

As the saying goes nothing is constant except change and life is nothing but changes little and big. But because we are creatures of habit any change can be extremely difficult including change that is beneficial like a healthy lifestyle change.

So what do you do when a healthy lifestyle change feels like something that is so out of your comfort zone that you would rather sabotage your efforts and stay unhappy in a body that doesn't look feel or function the way you would really like it to?

Well first you must understand that change is not the same as transformation. Change is when we experience something new from what you had previously. Transformation is a complete redesign of a previous situation or state. One happens to you the other is controlled by you but what is most interesting is that by the process of transformation we change. How fantastic is that!

What exactly does this mean in terms of experiencing a changed lifestyle and body? It means that you can design your body and your life every step of the way so that the changes you experience are the ones you want to experience.

It also means that even when things don't go exactly as planned, which they often don't, then you can tweak your life or body design plan to eventually get the change you want. In other words if a change you are not happy with such as a bad eating week or a bad workout or a not so impressive bodyfat reading or clothes fitting or less than impressive physical activity outcome isn't what you wanted you can adjust factors to make it the change you do want to experience.

All this takes patience and adjusting on your part but just knowing the difference between the two makes handling your resistance to change or any lifestyle change setbacks much easier. It is only when you believe and allow important variable that affect change to be out of your control that change feels scary or not worth the effort or even less appealing than staying in a worst place.

By becoming aware of this simple difference you become empowered to create your best life and best body step by step and to handle any obstacles with savvy solutions instead of disappointment. So next time you find yourself resisting change consider adopting a transformative mindet and design plan instead. If you need help with this start with YBFF plan this week and see the visible results happen almost instantly.

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